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  1. BAChicagoGal

    What to carry?

    I don't have a trip until November. However, once I book a trip, I go into "full speed ahead planning mode". I am wondering what I should carry into the parks, that won't weigh me down. The feet are going to get tired, of course, but I don't want to end up each day with a sore back, and...
  2. BAChicagoGal

    Which All Stars is best?

    For all of you who have stayed at the All Stars resort, which one would be best for me? I am 72, and will be 73, before I visit WDW in November. I can walk, but too much, will wear me out. I know my days at WDW will be less hectic than I was used to in my 50's and my 60's. I am on a tight...
  3. BAChicagoGal

    Room Only + 4 Park Magic Ticket ?

    I am contemplating a WDW vacation from Nov 15-20. I have priced/availability for Pop, and it fits my budget. I would like to book Room Only, and purchase a 4 Park Magic ticket. Looks like this would save me money. Down the road, how easy will it be to link my ticket on MDE? Normally I do a...
  4. BAChicagoGal

    My Happy Birthday Disneyland Trip Report

    I recently visited Disneyland for my 70th birthday. I was there for 5 days in the park. This Trip Report is all photos. Actually Collages. I will let the photos do the talking. My trip started on Sunday September the 3rd. My birthday was on Labor Day, Monday September the 4th. I returned...
  5. BAChicagoGal

    Trip report test

    I am testing this pic for my trip report
  6. BAChicagoGal

    Crying on Soarin - Felt Bad for the Child

    I recently spent 5 days at the Disneyland Resort. On my DCA morning, I decided to ride Soarin right at park opening. Good decision, since the wait was just about 15 minutes. I was seated in the third row, and there was a child, and two adults in the 2nd row ahead of me. Immediately upon...
  7. BAChicagoGal

    Harry Potter Collages

    I just spent 3 nights at Cabana Bay resort at Universal Studios, and 2 days meandering around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I took lots of photographs, and a hobby of mine is to make collages with my pictures. I did not see a better place to post these collages, so if they are in the...
  8. BAChicagoGal

    Trip Report Tale of our adventures

    My vacation started on August the 29th, and I returned back home to Chicago on September the 8th. It was a birthday trip for me, because my 69th birthday was on September the 4th. There were 6 of us all together traveling from Chicago to Pop Century for 7 nights, and then we would be moving...
  9. BAChicagoGal

    Pre-Trip 14 days and counting.

    I guess it's never too late to do a pre trip report, unless of course, I was all packed, and ready to go out the door. I have been to WDW just about ten times before. If I recount again, this is either my 11th, or 12th trip. Originally this was going to be a Disneyland trip, but we switched...
  10. BAChicagoGal

    Happy Birthday Disneyland.

    My first trip, ever, to Disneyland was 11 years ago. Disneyland was turning 50, and I was just a few months short of my 58th birthday. The minute that I walked through the turnstiles, I was hooked. Disneyland became my happy place during that very first vacation. My avatar photo is of that...
  11. BAChicagoGal

    Departure Day Question

    I have a question about our car on Departure Day. Normally, I/We do not visit a park on departure day. However, since we will be driving to Cabana Bay at Universal Studios after we check out of Pop Century, I thought that perhaps we could spend about 1/2 a day in the Magic Kingdom. I'd rather...
  12. BAChicagoGal

    What's the AK like at night?

    I will be visiting WDW from August the 29th, until my birthday on September the 4th. I have been enough times, to know the lay of the land. However, I haven't been there since Animal Kingdom went "Night Time". We will be visiting the AK on September the 1st. We are still 76 days out, so I...
  13. BAChicagoGal

    DAS and Fastpass Plus

    I will be traveling with a friend, and she has a handicapped daughter. When we were at Disneyland, we used the DAS system, and it worked very well. Now that we are going to WDW, I was wondering about Fastpass Plus. After we use our initial three fast passes that I will book 60 days out, we...
  14. BAChicagoGal

    BAChicagGal - that's me!

    I have been posting other places for about 11 years, and have taken a total of 20+ Disney trips. Those trips are about equally divided between Disney World, and Disneyland. I first went to Disney World in 1997, and it took me about 8 years to finally get to Disneyland. I admit to being much...
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