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  1. TongaToast21

    DLR crowds over Labor Day Weekend?

    Hi all... thinking about going to DLR Saturday Aug 31 til Tuesday Sep 3.. what type of crowds do you think we would encounter during that time?
  2. TongaToast21

    ADR for 9? or should I try and split into 2 different parties?

    In December we will be traveling in a large-ish party (9 people total)... CRT and Storybook are two of the harder to get ADR's we are gunning for.... Should we shoot for 1 table of 9? Or will we have better chances if we try and do two different reservations of 4 and 5? Two of us will be...
  3. TongaToast21

    Best/ Favorite Animatronic?

    What do you think are the Best Animatronics in Disney? Or what are your favorites? Carousel of Progress Dad? Sonny Eclipse? Mr. Potato Head? The Hilary Trump one? Does anything come close to the Shaman in NRJ? (braces for Yeti talk)
  4. TongaToast21

    Favorite Room/Resort Feature

    In any resort (DVC or non) what are your favorite in-room and general resort features? Mine would (currently) be the Poly DVC studio double bathrooms with the overhead shower Resort feature- the Tiki torches lit at night piped in with the Hawaiian music on the paths along Seven Seas lagoon...
  5. TongaToast21

    Thoughts on "holding" quick service tables?

    When trying to eat at a quick service spot (Casey's, Woody's notably) in any of the parks, do you send someone in your party to go and find/wait for an empty table? If they are successful, they essentially will be at a table with no food while you to wait in line, order food, wait for food, and...
  6. TongaToast21

    Adventureland Eggroll Cart

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the current "flavors" off eggrolls are at the cart in adventureland?
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