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  1. TongaToast21

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    and I believe the reset time is at least 2 hours?
  2. TongaToast21

    Don't make an "X-Wing Coaster" - make a Soarin'/FOP X-Wing ride

    I posted this a few weeks ago but I find the Hyperspace Mountain overlay to be the best "Star Wars themed" ride they have in the parks. I LOVE the jump to hyperspace idea!
  3. TongaToast21

    Excited for the Poly!!!! ALOT of questions though..help!

    DO enjoy: the hawaiian music piped into the resort the tiki torches at dusk the dole whip on site the view of 7 Sea's Lagoon at sundown the oasis pool (quieter pool) if you are looking for a little more relaxation DON'T forget...
  4. TongaToast21

    Is Anybody Else Annoyed With Hyperspace Mountain's Stay?

    Dare I say that I find HSM to be more SW "feeling" than smuggler's run?
  5. TongaToast21

    Where in The World?

    country bears?
  6. TongaToast21

    When does WDW announce DVC member's Moonlight Magic for the year?

    I was under the impression that people who have booked stays on property have first access to the event, and if there is still space left it becomes open to the entire DVC community regardless of whether or not you are staying
  7. TongaToast21

    Non park table service for anniversary??

    Is Cali Grill too fancy? You'll get a great view of the 7SL and resorts, not to mention MK fireworks!
  8. TongaToast21

    Summer Room Discount Offer Released Today

    At their lowest rates probably not, and at their highest rates definitely not, but for some people (including myself), the sentimental connection is worth the steep premium.
  9. TongaToast21

    Summer Room Discount Offer Released Today

    I guess there's no harm in calling and checking then... I just have the irrational fear of cancelling and rebooking and then when i check-in theres some sort of debacle
  10. TongaToast21

    Summer Room Discount Offer Released Today

    thanks, I was planning to do that but saw the fine print saying it couldn't be applied to existing reservations. Since im over 29 days away maybe I will just cancel and rebook.. not sure its worth the pain over $114?
  11. TongaToast21

    Summer Room Discount Offer Released Today

    I booked my room lastnight. unreal!
  12. TongaToast21

    Polynesian dvc

    If you are going standard view, I recommend requesting Tokelau.. it is the closes to the GCH and you will have guaranteed "garden" or pool views
  13. TongaToast21

    OK, I'll Admit it...Disney Prices Are Out Of Control

    If you're going with children ( I believe you are if memory serves?) or it's your first time, you should go. It doesn't blow you away like it may have when it first opened, but the ambiance and experience is still top notch and your family will remember it for a long time.
  14. TongaToast21

    Did Disney put too much stock into Star Wars?

    i know this has been like beating a dead horse but I whole-heartedly agree about retheming the land. I have no interest in going to a place that has no special meaning or connection to the original trilogy.. That doesn't mean I won't go at some point, but I won't be clamoring to get there.
  15. TongaToast21

    DLR crowds over Labor Day Weekend?

    Hi all... thinking about going to DLR Saturday Aug 31 til Tuesday Sep 3.. what type of crowds do you think we would encounter during that time?
  16. TongaToast21

    Limited Edition Magic Bands in the parks?

    Which band are you looking for in particular? I wouldn't mind keeping an eye open for you... I've had good luck with MagicalEarCollectibles and YourWDWstore.net
  17. TongaToast21

    Aunt Polly's opening for July 4 week at the Magic Kingdom

    Looks like unfortunately this is no longer going to be the case and will be closed until late Fall
  18. TongaToast21

    Madame Leota-physic medium?

    collectors item now! like the upside down biplane stamp :)
  19. TongaToast21

    Park Ticket price potentially increasing

    so uh... should i buy my tix for my december trip before july 15th or not? :)
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