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    October 2020- anyone hopeful?

    Hi all, So we were planning for October 2021 but we are now booked for this year. October 16-23, 2020! We were scheduled to get married this fall but because we live in Mass. (hotspot and all, gatherings will probably be limited for remainder of the year), we decided to postpone. Our original...
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    Universal Studios help for 2021

    Hi There! We are planning to do a week at Disney and then switch over to Universal October 4-8, 2021. We haven't been to Universal Orlando in at least 10 years. Between staying at premier hotel (Lowes Portofino Bay seems to be cheapest) which includes Express Passes Unlimited, plus the cost of...
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    Port Orleans French Quarter

    Hi all! New here and trying to do all the research I can as I am planning late September 2021 trip with my husband. We're going a few weeks before our 1st anniversary. I'll be 29 and he'll be 33. We don't have any children and from what I've read, French Quarter seems to be pretty quiet and...
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