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  1. addacollier

    Walt Disney World before the internet.

    Hi all, my first ever trip to WDW was back in September 1989. From memory, I recall going there reasonably ignorant to what was on offer across all of Orlando as there was no internet for another 5 years. My holiday brochure was my only guide. For those old enough, how did you plan for WDW...
  2. addacollier

    Volcano Bay or Aquatica? Islands of Adventure or Seaworld?

    Hi all, l’m planning a trip to Orlando in September 2022. WDW will feature well in the trip. My teenage sons like white knuckle roller coasters but my wife prefers flat rides. The boys like exciting water slides but my wife prefers to sunbathe. So with this in mind, if I had to pick one...
  3. addacollier

    Rideless World Showcase Pavillions

    We all know that Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco & The UK don't have either rides or a theater. So if they were scheduled to have 1 attraction installed, what would you choose? Would it be character based such as Snow White at Germany or Mary Poppins at the UK, or would it be a theater...
  4. addacollier

    Best value at Universal?

    Hi all, For my next trip, I’m thinking of doing a week at WDW (Hotel & parks) and a few days outside doing Universal; but I’ve not been there for a few years. My question is what’s the best value ticket when visiting Universal? Is it a multi day pass offering all 3 parks? Or is it worth...
  5. addacollier

    What’s the best and worst ride in WDW?

    The attached article is an interesting read. It ranks all 55 WDW rides from worst to best. Do you agree? https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/disney-vacations/best-worst-disney-world-rides
  6. addacollier

    Timing of fast passes at Magic Kingdom.

    What time of the day do you book your fast passes? We normally go for mid afternoon when the park is at peak attendance. And we usually go for Space Mountain, 7DMT & usually Splash Mountain. The main benefit, is that we can have a crack at the west side of the park in the morning followed by...
  7. addacollier

    A day in Magic Kingdom without rides.

    Every now and then, I read comments such as ‘You can enjoy the Magic Kingdom without doing any rides’. So here’s a challenge for everyone. Can you suggest itinerary for a day at MK with no rides? The best one gets two thumbs up. ;)
  8. addacollier

    Monorail to Animal Kingdom?

    Do you think that WDW monorail would ever extend to the Animal Kingdom? If so, what would the cost of installation be?
  9. addacollier

    Memories of your first visit to WDW.

    What was your main memory (or couple) from your first visit to WDW? Mine was back in 1989 on the hotel bus approaching EPCOT and feeling really excited as Spaceship Earth got closer. Also, I remember how everything was incredibly clean and well run compared to UK theme parks at the time.
  10. addacollier

    Timing your fast pass

    Hi all, I appreciate the answer to this May be seasonal but when I'm in WDW from 25/9 to 10/10, I'd like to ride some of the popular rides like thunder mountain, test track, etc at dusk/night. If sunset is around 7:15, what time is good to get your fast pass slot? Adam
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