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  1. sjead

    Life Jackets at pools

    Hi all. I am in the process of packing (finally) and have a quick question. Are life jackets easily available at the pool at ASMU? If not, I need to head out and try to get some for my little ones. Thanks in advance!
  2. sjead

    What's up with Disney site?

    I was attempting online check-in today and the site is saying it can't retrieve ressie at this time. :shrug: I am also not able to pull up the ressie on the site. I have not had this problem before and was able to book and pay for our trip on the site. I did make our dining ressies over the...
  3. sjead

    Leaving in 13 days and still haven't told the kids!

    We are leaving in 13 days (to be in WDW in 14) and we still haven't told the kids! My DD thinks we are going next year and the boys have no idea where we are going except "someplace fun." Has anyone else ever done this? How did the kids react when you got there? Am I making a mistake or will...
  4. sjead

    Poly Parking question

    We are planning to have dinner at 'Ohana and then head over to the MK for Spectro and Wishes one night during our trip. Is it possible to drive to the Poly and leave the car there after dinner when we go to MK and then take monorail back after park closing? We don't want to drive to TTC after...
  5. sjead

    CRT Breakfast

    Is Gratuity still included in the cost of this meal? If so, does anyone know what percentage the servers receive? IThe service there is generally quite good and I want to make sure the servers are rewarded accordingly. We went to CRT for dinner last year, but had a party of six instead of...
  6. sjead

    Touch screen ordering

    Which Quick Service restaurants offer touch screen ordering? We utilized this at Pecos Bill on our last trip. Is it offered anywhere else?
  7. sjead

    Le Cellier and dining plan

    What is included at Le Cellier if using the dining plan? I am specifically wondering if the Chef's Favorites option is available, or do you have to stick with traditional entree, dessert, etc. and pay for the soup if you want it. Also, the child's steak option shows an extra charge. Would...
  8. sjead

    ADR time window for CRT

    Does the policy in which you can make ADRs for your whole trip 90 days out from the first day also apply to Cinderella's Royal Table or do you have to call back exactly 90 days for that?
  9. sjead

    Le Cellier and children

    I have never experienced Le Cellier and am thinking about trying it for our next trip in August. I looked over the menu and I think the kids would like it. My question is: Is it kid friendly? I know we are in a theme park and kids will be attending, but in your honest opinions, can a child...
  10. sjead

    Characters at Chef Mickey's

    Hi all. I have been lurking but decided to jump in and post. :) Can anyone verify which characters are in attendance at Chef Mickey's? Last time we went it was Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto but I heard that it is now Mickey, Goofy, Chip and Dale. Thanks!
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