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    Wilderness Lodge Roaring Forks

    You're probably going to DisneyLand, too. Best to KNOW the NAMES of the places before you call someone an idiot.
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    Vacation T-Shirts

    THANK YOU!! Celebration shirts appears to be exactly what I was looking for! Much appreciated for your reply!
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    Favorite Bathrooms? Least Favorite Bathrooms?

    My favorite restroom is a clean restroom. But, on that note, at DHS, on the way to the TOT, the two restrooms on the right are usually quite busy and messy.
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    Vacation T-Shirts

    Can anyone suggest, or refer, a quality t-shirt website/company in regard to having Disney themed t-shirts being designed? Looking to have six t-shirts made with individualized theming.
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    Resort Pictures of the Day

    HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY, DIXIE LANDINGS, uh, PORT ORLEANS RIVERSIDE!! Only wish that I had a picture to post with my Birthday wish!! Will be there again later this month!!!!
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    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 9)

    This looks like a pinball game to me.
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    WDW Sound Files

    We like to tune into www.live365.com. Lots of choices here.....just do a Disney, Disney World, Disney Resort, Epcot, etc, search.
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    What do you collect?

    For the pin collectors, has anyone noticed on Ebay, that if you wish to bid/purchase pins in lots of 50, 100, 200, etc, the cheapest sellers seem to be from China and they provide free shipping. Before we head out on our WDW vacations, we usually buy 50 or 100 and trade away.
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    Tips to actually enjoy Disney World...

    We like to visit one different resort on each of our trips...we find something that we like about that particular resort, think that we could stay there on our next trip, and then re-book for POR. Creatures of habit. My daughter likes to get fastpasses as we leave the park and then hand them...
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    What airline do you fly with to go to WDW?

    Getting fewer choices in Pittsburgh and even fewer flights to Orlando. Used to be USAir and Delta, now we have Southwest and soon-to-be-gone AirTran. Hoping that JetBlue comes in with non-stop flights very soon.
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    Favorite Park

    Actually, whatever park I am in is the best, because I'm there.
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    When was your first visit to Disney World?

    August of 1974, I was 10....I can still remember how hot it was and the fact that I will NEVER go again in a summer month. Just the Magic Kingdom back then folks.
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    What Souvenirs do you wish Disney would sell?

    More specific resort and attraction items for me, too. I still have a "religious" (it's "holey") sweatshirt from Dixie Landings (from 1996, though no date is on the sweatshirt--bought it on my honeymoon) and my wife hasn't even asked me to throw it away (but that could be for sentimental...
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    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 8)

    CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Much applause on this photo!!! Just out of curiousity, how high up were you when you snapped this beauty?:sohappy:
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    THAT GUY is always buying them for everyone at The Laugh Floor. :slurp:
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    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 7)

    The picture is upside down, isn't it? You do take fantastic photos!!!
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    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 6)

    Did you run over to Tink's Treasures and wake her up?
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    Take kids out of school for $1,200???? Y/N?

    I couldn't agree more!! In fact, my daughter's principal agrees with BOTH of us, too. The principal told me that time spent with family outweighs any time. More memories, better morals, stronger family and individuals! FAMILY FIRST!
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    Port Orleans or Caribbean Beach?

    THANK YOU for providing the Port Orleans link!! We have stayed there many times and love it there! We stayed at Parterre Place during our last visit (we prefer Magnolia Terrace) and we were pleasantly surprised that we "felt" we did not have to walk as far to Ol' Man Island and to the Main Lobby.
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