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  1. WDW/SFOG_freak

    ToT Script? (who wrote it?)

    The title sais it all.
  2. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Information needed ASAP (Tower of Terror)

    Ok. I need ANY AND ALL information on this gastly attraction. I MEAN EVERYTHING on this attraction that I can get. I am writing a report for school on this attraction, and I cannot find any sites with all the information on this ride (like the haunted mansion has ;) ). If you can point me in...
  3. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Mission Space Month of opening?

    When is mission space to open in 2003? I will hopfully be going on May 28 to WDW, and was wondering if it will be open by then, or not.
  4. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Making a DVD?

    How do you make a dvd video (with menues and what not) with ONLY Windows XP Home, and no outside programs... or is that not possible?
  5. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Tower of Terr4r commercial video on main site....(2 questions)

    Tower of Terr4r commercial video, This one's for NowInc. and Main Street USA! 1) How do they do that effect at the end with the "4" button shining light that passes the camera? 2) What is the name of the piece of music that they used for the score of the commercial? I would love to have...
  6. WDW/SFOG_freak

    What does this mean?

    " --------====Space Mountain 1977-2003: RIP====-------" What did torgoroa mean in saying that???!!!!!!!!!!!(in the disney central room...:eek: ) (sorry, didn't know where else to post this...)
  7. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Videos of ToT que and a video I am making (permissions....)

    ok, would it be ok for me to use pictures from the main site in a music video I am making? Also, Can I use videos from the main site(the ones of the actuall ride throughs) And also, when I am finished, can I upload it and give a link to the download site? (I am using Microsoft Movie...
  8. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Major Project for Scream Machines!! Help Wanted!!!

    Hey, I am working on a major MULIT-COASTER park, and I need: Texture Artists 3-D Modelers (relitively good) Really GREAT coaster engineers Please, if you are one of these... E-Mail me at: mailto:mailto:chrislju@bellsouth.net (and Yes, I am back... Again....)
  9. WDW/SFOG_freak

    best 3d modeling prog.?(an also something to NowInc.)

    -to NowInc.: Hi. It has been a long time, no? How is that Elements project comeing along? -to NowInc. and Everyone else: What would you say is the best free 3D modeling program to learn with?
  10. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Back from a long hiatus, and I brought a souvenir.

    Welp, I left from here for a while for a little vacation. Now I am back :). What happened to all the posts on this section???? Other than that... all that I have to say is this: While I was gone I had to Format my Hard Drive and forgot to back up a lot of my pictures and other files...
  11. WDW/SFOG_freak

    ??????????Becoming a cast member??????????

    I know that this has probly been asked before.... either that, or its such a dumb question that it is just common knoledge...but... Do you have to be an "Actor/Actress" to work as a cast member at the parks? (i.e. the guys that walk around in the Cat-in-the-hat costumes, the Spiderman...
  12. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Fun and Sun: travel channel

    Today, the Travel Channel is showcaseing not only the hotest places to be, but the best parks to go to and lots more to do with parks supposedly.
  13. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Turn To The Travel Channel Now!

    Its 6:15 here, and travel channel is showing something on the Tower of Terror and it's vehicle!
  14. WDW/SFOG_freak

    pictures from this site

    Can I use the pictures from the site on my site? Here is an example of what I will be doing with them (I have/will give credit where needed).
  15. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Banner Contest -> read inside. (Everyone Plus Maria ;) ).

    Seeing as we can't post in the thread anymore for the banner contest, this is my only way of getting this said. To whomever is over this: Please count my last entry into the contest as my offical entry. I had one more which is here if you can put it in over it..., but if not I...
  16. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Walt Disney World Experiance Video.

    Right now I only have a clip of it for you to view. Also, this clip is extreammly compressed, and has low sound quality. Don't let that give you the impression that I am doing shoty work here. I had to compress it to this because of 2 things - File size and Up/Download time. I will have...
  17. WDW/SFOG_freak


    What is the url of the site with the disney fonts on it?
  18. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Disney and recording(s)?

    Why is it that Disney doesn't allow video taping of their rides and attractions?
  19. WDW/SFOG_freak

    Pictures of staple rides at the Magic Kindome?

    Pictures of staple rides at the Magic Kindom? (NowInc. If you could please view this) Does anyone have any Photos of the staple rides at the Magic Kingdom? -Preferedly Daylight (but all times are acceptable) -Mainstreet USA and the Castel isn't a ride I know, but its a staple of the park...
  20. WDW/SFOG_freak

    PS 7.0 Price and question(s)--> NowInc., please read!

    1) How much is it generally (in stores and online) 2) How much more does it offer over ps 6.0? 3) Can it be bought in stores like circute city, or do i have to go to specialty stores (I hate when companies do that... lol). 4) Why arn't ya on anymore Now? Have you changed names or...
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