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    So where to go on Thursday nights now?

    Going up to the World soon...has the popular Thursday night party at Mannequin's migrated to another location?
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    Four Seasons Land Deal

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Walt Disney Co. said on Monday it has sold 298 acres of land to Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts for a hotel and golf course to anchor a previously announced luxury development in Florida. Disney did not disclose the...
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    News on Contemporary DVC

    Walt Disney Co. to sell time shares in 15-story tower next to Contemporary Resort -------------------- High-rise will ultimately contain 281 units, but there's no rush to sell. Jason Garcia Sentinel Staff Writer February 26 2008 The Walt Disney Co. has won approval to begin selling...
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    LPS Restaurant idea

    Pooh's Honey Hunt at TDL uses a trackless system called LPS (Local Positioning) that uses a web embedded in the floor and a computer to track and instruct the movement of the vehicle. Here's my idea...a restaurant where the "tables" are actually ride vehicles (Think big tea cups with a table...
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