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    Bongos is closing?

    I have been told that Bongos is closing and will reopen at Margaritaville’s Sunset Walk entertainment district. Has anyone heard anything along these lines?
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    Here is a construction look at the new for 2019 Kare Kare Curl tube slide. Should be another nice addition to a great park.
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    Citywalk General Discussion

    There was a large crowd in front of NBC Grill watching the World Cup game today
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    Margaritaville Orlando Resort - $750 Million Entertainment Complex

    The new Margaritaville Resort Orlando is a $750 million entertainment complex on highway 192 West, south of Disney. It includes: - A 200,000 square foot Sunset Walk shopping and dining area anchored by Rock and Brews, Studio Movie Grill, Ford's Garage, Cafe Rio and Bahama Buck's (Opening...
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