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    What are E-Ride Nights?

    What exactly are E-Ride Nights? What do they consist of? Who is permitted to attend? Thanks in advance, 9-Eye
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    Space Mountain, Half Empty or Half Full?

    I have a silly question for you "pros." While viewing the interior of Space Mountain from the "people mover," it seems as though the twin track system only fills up about 1/3 of the dome interior, if that. Why is this? With such a large building, I assume engineers would take advantage of...
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    Imagination Station

    I understand that Journey Into Your Imagination is now closed. Is the "lab" area (after the attraction) also closed? If it is, does anyone know where they moved all of those complex laser machines (for the personalized 3D-image crystals) to? Did this closing have any effect on the...
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    Timekeeper Building

    Does anyone know what is currently inside of the ex-Timekeeper attraction building? To rephrase; are the show elements still lingering inside ...or has all of that been removed/demolished? And what about the inside of the 20,000 Leagues building (same question)? 9-Eye :dazzle:
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    MGM lagoon

    Has the "lagoon" at MGM been filled back up (with water) yet? 9-Eye
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    What's Scarrier...?

    What's "scarrier," Space Mountain (DW) or Rock N' Rollercoaster? And why? 9-Eye
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    Hidden Mickeys in Timekeeper

    As we all know, Timekeeper will soon be closing its doors. :( That's why I wanted to give all of you a heads up about Hidden Mickeys in the attraction. Within the actual film (on the 9 screens) there are a couple of Hidden Mickeys. There's a poster for Beauty and the Beast. There are...
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    Test Track Pressing Machine

    After exiting your vehicle in Test Track (and after looking at the silly picture of yourself in the car), there is a large "machine" on your right hand side, which "presses" some sort of car part along a conveyer belt, repetitively. I can't seem to figure out exactly where the "finished"...
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