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  1. Mista C

    Rose and Crown

    Well... damn. I guess that shows how long it has been since I have eaten there! Thanks for the info!
  2. Mista C

    Rose and Crown

    The bangers and mash is amazing. But whatever you do, do not under any circumstances miss the lamb barley soup. Back in the 80's when Epcot first opened, we ate there so many times that my Mom wrote them after we returned one year and asked them for the recipe. They sent it to her. She has...
  3. Mista C

    Jingle Bells

    I loved this too!
  4. Mista C

    Just Back and Posting a Little Something

    Great write-up. Thanks!
  5. Mista C

    Has Fantasmic run its course?

    Holy smokes Ninja Mom! This is EXACTLY 100% how I feel. You took the words right out of my mouth!
  6. Mista C

    Is Disney World enough? My perspective after visiting Disneyland/DCA and Tokyo Disneyland.

    I just saw this today as well! Unreal! Why on earth can't we get these types of rides here? It aggravates me that the other parks get these types of attractions and we get the Tangled bathrooms.
  7. Mista C

    Ever Rising Room Rates

    Holy smokes! I just called and booked our two 2019 trips and room rates are rising more. We stay at the POFQ every November for four nights. For the past 2-3 years, I ended up paying on average around $225 per night. We were just there November 7-11 and I paid an average of $255 per night...
  8. Mista C

    Thrilling review of Saratoga Springs!

    Great read!
  9. Mista C

    Celebrating the holidays at Disney not on the actual holiday

    I have no issue with Disney's holiday decoration schedule. We put up our Fall decorations in early September and leave them up until the week before Thanksgiving. Then we decorate for Christmas. We go on our annual holiday Disney trip every year in early/mid November and since it's already...
  10. Mista C

    News 2018 ABC Holiday Specials at Walt Disney World

    This is not a big deal at all. We're there this year on the same exact five days that they will be filming. We encounter this every year and it does not cause any issues whatsoever.
  11. Mista C

    Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

    Great pic... go Gators!
  12. Mista C

    Did anyone try the Candy bacon on a stick

    Where do they sell it at? I want to try it on my November trip!
  13. Mista C

    Book FP One Day at a Time

    You can skip around between days when making your FP picks. You do not have to make all three picks for one day before you can move to the next day.
  14. Mista C

    What Disney resort/park food did you like so much, that you made it at home?

    Back in the 80's getting the Lamb Barley Soup from the Rose & Crown pub in Epcot was one of my family's traditions every trip. My Mom wrote them one year after returning and they mailed her the recipe. She makes it a couple times every year when it gets cool out and it's an absolute highlight...
  15. Mista C

    What's your favorite WDW Resort merchandise location?

    For us, nothing beats that first stroll through Jackson Square at POFQ upon checking in. It's not the biggest or most complete gift shop but it is our favorite. Close second is Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in MK. I also love strolling through Memento Mori but I have yet to buy anything in there.
  16. Mista C

    Favorite in-park music?

    Star tunnel for me hands down. It just reminds me of being there when I was a kid in the 70's and 80's. Awesome, but kinda sad at the same time.
  17. Mista C

    flynnibus deep thoughts about WDW - after nearly 10 years away

    Fantastic report. And sadly, I agree with most of your comments. I too was a child of the 80's and grew up staying at Deluxe resorts because with the Florida Resident discounts back then they were practically giving the rooms away. I'm now 45, make a very good salary, and I could not even...
  18. Mista C

    Room Discounts and Room availability?

    This is the same boat that I am in. Booked for early November at POFQ, but hoping that there are possibly upcoming deals at either the Contemporary or Wilderness Lodge. Anyone know when the fall discounts open? Do you have to literally call the first day to hope to get anything? I believe...
  19. Mista C

    Grrr, can't think up a dinner reservation on our Magic kingdom day.

    My sentiments exactly... it's a must every trip for us. The food is great.
  20. Mista C

    How far do you live from WDW ?

    From my driveway in Fort Lauderdale to the parking lot of the French Quarter, it takes me 3-1/2 hours... 204 miles.
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