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  1. Sigmundooze

    Trip Report WDL/CA Report and Comparison to WDW MK/DHS

    Just got back from DL after not being there since 1985. The following is MY OPINION. After reading on these boards about how most on here yearn for DL versions to be in MK I have to say I just dont get it...90% of the time the MK ride is superior and 100% the queue in WDW is superior (I...
  2. Sigmundooze

    Daylight Savings and EMH at MK Question

    Since MK is open this Saturday until 2am becuase of Evening Extra Magic Hours does that mean that at 2 am when daylight savings ends we will get another hour??? So really like a 3am closing!?!?
  3. Sigmundooze

    Why no indoor pools?

    I know its florida and nice out almost year round but there are also a lot of thunderstorms so it would be nice to have a few indoor pools but i realized disney doesnt have any (to my knowledge). What is the reasoning behind this? Will they ever build one?
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