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  1. ginadee

    My Quick Service experience

    This trip I decided to TRY to do a more leisurely trip. No ADR's, no having to be somewhere at any time. We went with the free quick service dining plan for 6 days. I had to post because I was so impressed. We did not have one burger and fries the whole trip. Now I did have to have my Caseys...
  2. ginadee

    BOG table for 1

    Im seeing plenty of reservations for 1 at BOG. Ive got 2 separate ADR's for 1, 5 minutes apart. I will still keep checking every day for ADR's for 2 but if we have to eat separate we are totally fine with that. I was just wondering are there that many tables for 1 or what is seating for 1 like?
  3. ginadee

    Free Dining Question

    I am planning on going to Disney for 5 days. If someone were to come with me for just the weekend, say 3 days, will they still get the free dining if everything is booked at the time of promotion? Or do they have to have the exact same package with the 5 day tix?
  4. ginadee

    Cant believe Im doing the Disney Cruise

    I would have loved to be doing the girls annual cruise but couldnt swing it. Had a time frame before boyfriends leg surgery to squeeze a small trip in. Have no idea how disney cruise came up but am soooo excited. Did not expect to be doing this. Working on booking now. Sept 28th, 4 nights...
  5. ginadee

    Trip Report The please convert my boyfriend TR

    Finally! My very first TR! Been waiting a yr for this. Since joining this forum I am amazed at all Ive learned. You would think Ive never been to Disney. I have heard people talk about the music, smells, food etc...So thanks to you all this is going to be the most magical trip yet. It is going...
  6. ginadee

    Butterfinger cupcake

    The butterfinger cupcake is ONE of my must eats this trip. Looking online Starring Roles is the only place Ive seen it. Does anyone know if they are anywhere in MK, Boardwalk or DD? If I have to eat it for breakfast then so be it. :hungry:
  7. ginadee

    Name on Magic Bands

    With all the talk on Magic Bands I just looked up My Disney Experience and it popped up for me to customize and order. Very excited. I was wondering if people use their real names or do you put anything you want on there? Im going Nov 30-Dec 6 at PoP.
  8. ginadee

    Osborne Lights

    I plan on seeing the Osborne Family lights in dec. Is there a certain time that they open the section up kinda like a opening ceremony or do the lights just come on when it gets dark?
  9. ginadee

    Want BOG?

    Just in case this might help anyone I just thought Id throw it out there. At exactly 5:30 tonight I am going to cancel my BOG ADR for Wed, Dec 4th at 8:15 if you want to see if it shows up online.
  10. ginadee

    1900 Park Fare or Whispering Canyon

    Our first night at Disney I have ADR at 1900PF. I wanted a character dining that I had not done before. This would be it. However Im just not all that excited about the Cinderella theme. I tend to like Mickey and the gang. Tho videos does look like they put on a good show. Then I looked at...
  11. ginadee

    Harbour House or Diamond Horseshoe

    Im trying to decide between Columbia Harbour House or Diamond Horseshoe for lunch. My plan was DH because the atmosphere looked great. However the reviews on food looks better at CHH. I have always liked everything Ive eaten at Disney and this is for lunch. Anyone been to both and have a...
  12. ginadee

    Help with DDP

    Ive got the dining plan for the first time. I hear alot of people say they have left over snacks. From what I can tell all my snacks will be used up at one breakfast. Help me understand how it works. Example: if I get a cinnamon role with milk for breakfast, is that 1 snack or 2. In which case I...
  13. ginadee

    It Happened Again

    Hello, my name is Gina. I am a Disney Fanatic. Im single so have travelled to Disney many times with various people. Girlfriends, guy friends, dad etc...i am the one who gets people to go, makes all the plans, does all the booking. Then they are the ones who gets the pins and discounts in the...
  14. ginadee

    Outside restaurant for viewing Wishes

    I am unable to make reservations at Calif Grill (yet) but I do not want to wait till last minute and end up not having a place. I may still hold out for CG but are there any other restaurants outside the park that would have a good view?
  15. ginadee

    Wishes from Capitol Grill

    Im planning on making reservations at California Grill for the night we arrive. Is there a good place outside to see Wishes? Not in the park.
  16. ginadee

    What to do on the last day?

    Wondering what to do on the last day for parks. I have a base pass. Thought about MK on first day for the opening ceremony. Or...MK on last day for the Wishes. However Wishes is not on the first or last day of my visit. Will be seeing it anyway from Calif Grill when we arrive for dinner so I...
  17. ginadee

    Favorite resort restaurant

    Im looking for a resort table service restaurant. Not character breakfast. Already have that covered. I like seeing other resorts. What would be a good reataurant.
  18. ginadee

    Disney Abbreviations

    Am I the only one that has trouble with the Disney initials?? I am a Disney fantatic, have been several times and it takes me forever sometimes to figure out what people are saying with all the POFQ, TOT, DH, ADR, etc...etc...etc. Some of them I never do figure out. I would be able to read alot...
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