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  1. 6laurac

    Mouse Gears Re-open date and Emporium

    Hi, Has any new information been given about the Mouse Gears store opening back as the renovated store? I wonder will the Emporium also get a facelift as the next store to be remodeled.
  2. 6laurac

    Key Lime Tarts at Sunshine Season

    I just checked the official menu for Sunshine Season at Epcot to see if the key lime tarts are back. Has anyone had one since last year? Am I to never have that sweet tart taste after my salmon and green beans again? And I won’t mention not getting a piece of cornbread with my meal either as...
  3. 6laurac

    July weather vs. central NC? Same?

    We are going on an Disney extended trip in July. I’m from NC and it’s in the 90’s here than too. Is the weather really any different in Orlando than central NC? We are all looking forward to the parks, swimming and me running early. I know it’ll be crowded which is why we are staying longer...
  4. 6laurac

    Parks now-Greater capacity

    I see that the last week Disney has increased capacity and wait times but of course, nothing positive was Added for its guests. We are going next week and I’m hoping that two days per park will get us as many experiences (rides) as possible. My daughter hopes to ride, as an example, Seven Dwarfs...
  5. 6laurac

    Shopping in the parks now

    How are the park stores maintaining social distancing and are they letting potential shoppers handle products? Stores here are dissuading shoppers from picking up and handling items (look but not touch) type shopping. I have seen posts about rides, walking and eating but not about what the...
  6. 6laurac

    Music Loops

    I'm listening to the Magic Kingdom entrance loop and was wondering are they still playing the same music loops as the one I have on cd from 2011? Also, how many different ones are there just for the Magic Kingdom alone? And which music loop of all the parks is you favorite? I love the Main...
  7. 6laurac

    Caribbean Beach 9 days or just last three at POR?

    Hi, I've signed up for the WDW marathon in January and we are currently staying at Sheraton Vistana for the extra room/washer and dryer/kitchen until the Friday before the marathon. We are then moving to Port Orleans so that I can take the bus to the race Sunday morning. My questions is...
  8. 6laurac

    Thank you First Aid at Epcot

    I'm here at at the hotel waiting to go to Magic Kingdom and would like to express my gratitude to the kind CM and RN yesterday. I had a door at the Character Spot slam back into my left hand yesterday as I went to grab it to keep it from closing up on me. Yes, it was agony and I thought I was...
  9. 6laurac

    Quick embroidered item questions

    Hi Does anyone know if the places that embroider have the Disney font to embroider something I bring into the parks? I have a black backpack I would love to have monogrammed and would love to get a special touch added to it while I am there. I think there are three places to go so I also...
  10. 6laurac

    Theme Music question-Anyone ever know a musician from the orchestra?

    I am in my Disney "head" as I prepare for my trip in 9 days and am listening to the theme music for the parks. I was wondering if anyone ever personally knew or even was (!) an orchestra member from the theme music that is played in the parks? Can you imagine knowing that you contributed to...
  11. 6laurac

    Quick way to get to Anna and Elsa w/out Fastpass

    We are going To Disney in May and I was unable to nab a fastpass for the meet and greet to see Anna and Elsa. We are staying off property so I won't be there for early magic hours. I'm looking at the map on the Disney site and trying to locate the easiest and fastest path to get in the standby...
  12. 6laurac

    Frozen in May-besides characters

    Please pile the bricks on me, I'm going early May and can't avoid the Frozen craze with a Four year old daughter. Frozen Summer fun starts in June so what will we be able to do besides see the characters in May? And spend money on souvineers of course....;)
  13. 6laurac

    Got tickets now what? Staying offsite

    I've been trying to read the posts from people who are staying offsite and bought tickets in advance. You guys have all the answers! Here are my questions- When the tickets arrive can I then activate my Disney account to request my FastPasses or will I have to wait until the day I get to the...
  14. 6laurac

    Parking at Downtown Disney-quick questions

    Happy New Year! We are planning a May 2015 trip and I can't tell if you have to pay now to park at Downtown Disney? And where do you park since it's so crowded all the time? Thanks for the help
  15. 6laurac

    Mother's Day or 40th Birthday (Memorial Day)

    Hi all, :happy: I know there are some professional planners here and at 7.5 months most of you have already started lining up your trips. For those organized people :), I want to ask would you go to Disney around Mother's Day 2015 or try and fight the crowds for Memorial Day 2015? I will be...
  16. 6laurac

    Horse(s) used for Headless Horseman

    Hi, As we approach Halloween and as an avid horsewoman, I have been watching some of the parade videos. I wonder does anyone know how many horses Disney uses for the Headless Horseman? I have never seen a stable so it's intriguing to me to know where the one or two are stabled. Also, the horse...
  17. 6laurac

    Buena Vista Suites or Sheraton Vistana Villages?

    We are planning an 8-9 day November 2015 trip and really like having the amenities of a washer and dryer in the room along with a full kitchen. I am planning on running the 1/2 W&D marathon so as it will just be me running and my husband and daughter will be at the hotel, I really want a short...
  18. 6laurac

    Disney Merchandise at parks question

    Hi, I am on a mission to find the pink Vera Bradley Disney backpack and hipster. Once I have found one (I will, by gosh) what will they do with the bags after I pay for them? They don't ship items from what I was told. Is there a time frame they will hold them? It may be next year before I...
  19. 6laurac

    Vera Bradley Disney bags back at Disney site

    Hey to all who love VB Disney bags, I was able to order a Midnight with Mickey backpack today as they are back at Disney's website along with select other styles. Just to let you know if you wanted to try and get one!
  20. 6laurac

    Meet and Chat with Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom

    Good morning, As Mickey has always been a face character only, what do you think of the new change where he will be chatting to guests? I did a double take when I read the news because I am so used to him nodding and waving only. I hope that the voice will authentic to what my daughter hears...
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