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  1. PerGron


    Epcot Pavilions change throughout time...sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. All debatably of course. For this challenge, the teams will create a Future World Pavilion as seen at three points in Epcot’s history: the classic Epcot Center of the 1980s; the hip and modern Epcot of the...
  2. PerGron

    The Armchair Imagineers [Hub Thread & Announcements]

    The Armchair Imagineers is a brand new media collective Youtube channel where we, as a community, can showcase our creative aspects through a video format. This channel will play host to any armchair Imagineering-related contact that YOU want to post! That's right, you get to post here too...
  3. PerGron

    Disney's Wild Kingdom: [Write-Ups and Ride-throughs Ongoing]

  4. PerGron

    SAVI Program Guides

  5. PerGron

    One Little Spark- Season 2: The Quest for More Views Hype Thread

    One Little Spark Season 2: The Quest for More Views --Overview-- The One Little Spark Competition is returning for a whole new season with whole new challenges and while new judges! @PerGronStudio and @Outbound have stolen the Dreamfinder's Ship,which can take that one little spark of...
  6. PerGron

    Walt Disney World: A New Era

    Hey Imagineers! I had an old thread where I re-did Walt Disney World and changed things around with it, blah blah blah. I went to post my second installment and realized how outdated everything I had already posted was, so for that reason, I'm starting a new thread. Please bear with me...
  7. PerGron

    Walt Disney World: A New Era [Old]

    Hello WDWMagic, I am working on a brand new forum in which I armchair imagineer my way through Disney World to make the park I have always wanted. My first forum on the topic is outdated as I have basically changed all of my ideas at least a little, so it feels futile to just continue that...
  8. PerGron

    My Next Generation: Magic Kingdom

    Hello all, this will be my first ever forum posted, but I have been following these and decided to do one of my own. This forum will include all of my ideas and desires for Walt Disney World, beginning with the original park: Magic Kingdom. A few of my ideas in this forum (as well as future...
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