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  1. K

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    I tend to agree on the short sighted nature of this, but I also see what Disney is seeing. If it costs them a ton of money to run something that is not being used alot they should do what they need to do. I like ME for making my travel simple and easy too and from while having families that...
  2. K

    WDW Reopening Estimates

    My perspective is that if you booked a June 1 reservation you were doing one of 2 things. First, you were playing the game and trying to get Disney to give you something for free (ie a benefit for booking something that you would never use but get something in return, ie free dining or resort...
  3. K

    Candlelight processional with young kids?

    My kids were 6, 4 and 2. We definitely had issues with our 2yr old, but he eventually fell asleep in the stroller. We did the dinner package as well, but we went to dinner before. The 6 & 4yr old's did alright. We did bring along a few things to occupy them, books, etc
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