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  1. djpoore94

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *COMPLETED*

    The Dove Ice Cream Bars (vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate) are as close as I have had to a real "WDW parks" Mickey Premium Bar, and totally worth the price!
  2. djpoore94

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *COMPLETED*

    DH & I love CG, and have also witnessed the "dress code" violations, to the tune of sweatpants and Mickey tshirts, flipflops. They did stay for dinner though. I also totally agree, the Filet is a no sharing situation!
  3. djpoore94

    Trip Report 2018-2019 A Year in the Land (Disneyland)...a multi-trip report

    I'm super excited about Hawaii, we've never been. It's kind of weird to think that we don't have to do much planning. Pretty much picking where we want to stay, and prioritizing attractions and dining that we don't want to miss. It was a good excuse to get a new Unofficial Guide though!
  4. djpoore94

    Trip Report 2018-2019 A Year in the Land (Disneyland)...a multi-trip report

    Awesome, thank you! DH & I have both been so busy with work, by the time we get home we just make dinner and veg out until bedtime so we haven't even done much planning for Hawaii this year, and definitely haven't talked about DL. I have started reading the DL Unofficial Guide though :D
  5. djpoore94

    Trip Report 2018-2019 A Year in the Land (Disneyland)...a multi-trip report

    I am so glad I found your TR! DH & I are planning our first trip to DL next year (well, I was there for one day when I was a teenager, but really don't remember much so I'm not counting it). We were thinking about the week after Labor Day, but all of your pictures make me think we should go...
  6. djpoore94

    Pre-Trip Can I Return These Shoes? They Hurt My Feet. - A September 2018 Pre-Trip Report

    I'm way late to the party, but after reading the Crocs drama (I also am not a fan, though I do have a pair. They're mostly worn to run to the mailbox, or out in the garage when I don't want to just go barefoot), both in the last TR, and here, I have to share my experience with taking an item...
  7. djpoore94

    Trip Report #tonyfromspain: A Prophet Surf ‘N Turf story

    Looks like it could be a ray, or maybe he was going for this, and ended with an epic fail? We had this guy on the last night our our Fantasy cruise back in May 2014.
  8. djpoore94

    Trip Report Shortest Trip Report Ever and the Time I Finally Swam in Stormalong Bay (COMPLETED)

    Congrats on the upcoming new addition! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with Frontier. We've only flown with them once, but overall it was a good experience. The flight crew was great and took really good care of one member of our group who has a brain condition that causes spinal fluid...
  9. djpoore94

    Trip Report The Never-Ending Summer Of Disney *COMPLETED*

    Looks like our trip in May. It rained, a lot, every day. I think we had ponchos on pretty much all the time. It even followed us up the coast to Ocean Isle Beach, NC where it rained every day except our final day. I'm sure that's why I'm not even close to being at peace with not knowing when our...
  10. djpoore94

    Trip Report COMPLETED (finally!)....Did we move to WDW? Nope just a two week trip!

    Thanks for the info! We're DVC members so we're used to not having daily service, but I'm trying to talk DH in to a cash trip soon, so this is very helpful!
  11. djpoore94

    Trip Report COMPLETED (finally!)....Did we move to WDW? Nope just a two week trip!

    If you decline Mousekeeping, are you still able to receive fresh towels & washcloths? We wouldn't need new towels every day as we use them three to four times before switching to a new one, but we do like a fresh washcloth every day (I know the last thing I wash in the shower, and I'm not...
  12. djpoore94

    Touring Plans Room Request Tool

    That's what I thought. I am definitely not going to rely only on the fax.
  13. djpoore94

    Touring Plans Room Request Tool

    Thanks @Master Yoda. I've pretty much always had good luck with requests on all of our prior trips, but they've also always been very general such as ground floor & close to transportaion. The most specific I've ever been is a group of buildings (I think there were 4 building numbers given) at...
  14. djpoore94

    Touring Plans Room Request Tool

    DH & I are staying at BWV for the first time in May. I am also going to try the Touring Plans room request tool for the first time and have a couple of questions. First, if you have used this, was the request successful? Second, should I still do the online check in through the Disney website...
  15. djpoore94

    Trip Report A Total Eclipse of the Park *COMPLETED*

    I'll be on the lookout when we're at Boardwalk in May!
  16. djpoore94

    Trip Report A Total Eclipse of the Park *COMPLETED*

    I remember seeing those on Shark Tank!
  17. djpoore94

    Trip Report Meet the Floridians

    I love Wreck It Ralph. I'd put it in my top ten Disney movie list!
  18. djpoore94

    Trip Report Great Garland! Solo Trip in November...It's Totally Tinsel!

    DH & I are planning a quick 5 night trip May 13 - 18.
  19. djpoore94

    Gluten free dining?

    I totally agree with everyone here about how easy it is to be GF at Disney. DH has been GF for just over a year and we were concerned out our two trips to Disney this year. The concern was for nothing! We noted the request on each of our ADRs and every time we checked in for a meal the Cast...
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