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  1. djpoore94

    Touring Plans Room Request Tool

    DH & I are staying at BWV for the first time in May. I am also going to try the Touring Plans room request tool for the first time and have a couple of questions. First, if you have used this, was the request successful? Second, should I still do the online check in through the Disney website...
  2. djpoore94

    Pre-Trip Happy Anniversary! Of Course We're Going To Disney!

    Since we leave in 10 days, I'm already in vacation mode at work and I'm done (seriously this time, I think) tweaking plans I figured I'd throw together a quick pre-trip report. Who: Me (J) and DH (D), seen here on our cruise last May: When: May 20 -27, 2017 Where: Disney's Old Key West Resort...
  3. djpoore94

    Pre-Trip Woo Hoo! We’re going (back) to Disney (And Universal)

    Hello everyone! Planning is in full swing on the longest trip (Disney or otherwise) we’ve ever taken so I thought this might be a good time to take a shot at a trip report. The Cast: DH & me on our 20th anniversary Fantasy cruise in May 2014. We’re fairly seasoned Disney addicts and this will...
  4. djpoore94

    Will Call Park Tickets & Magic Band

    Mom and I arrive at WDW on Monday :happy:. She purchased her tickets online and put them in "Will Call". I have linked her tickets to her MagicBand, but I'm wondering do we still have to go to a ticket window or Guest Relations to "pick up" her tickets, or are they all set since I linked them to...
  5. djpoore94

    FastPass+ & My Disney Experience Itinerary

    I spent an hour yesterday making FastPass+ selections for myself & my mom, it was quite the process!! Now I am having an issue with not all of them showing up in our itinerary on the My Disney Experience app or on the WDW website. At first I thought that maybe it didn't go through for some...
  6. djpoore94

    ADRs In One Week-Am I nuts?

    Hi All, I just realized that I am able to make my ADRs one week from today :D. My mom and I are going to the World October 28 - November 2, staying at OKW and are not using a dining plan. My ADR plan is: Monday-Coral Reef dinner Tuesday-50's Prime Time late lunch Wednesday-House of Blues...
  7. djpoore94

    Another Disney Anniversary Trip w/ A First Ever Ocean Beach Vacation Thrown In PTR

    Hi Everyone! Since our next trip is going to include our first time actually staying at an ocean front beach resort, I figured why not take a stab at my first ever pre-trip report? Here we are in 2008 during our first on-site trip: I probably have more recent pictures, but I just joined...
  8. djpoore94

    HOB on 9/2/12

    DH & I have and ADR for 7:00 PM at HOB on September 2. When we made our ADR's we totally forgot that this is Labor Day weekend and now I'm wondering how crowded DTD is going to be. The last time we went on a Saturday evening it was totally nuts and it was not even a holiday weekend! I'm really...
  9. djpoore94

    Got (Almost) All the ADRs We Wanted!

    Woo Hoo! DH and I made our ADR's for our fall trip (Oct 29-Nov 5) this morning. We got everything we wanted except for lunch at Tusker House. We're going to be on the deluxe dining plan, even though it's *a lot* of food, DH has to maintain a grain free diet and trying to do anything counter...
  10. djpoore94

    QS Dining Plan-Best Places To Eat

    For our respective solo trips in September and October DH & I are going to have the QS DP. The last couple of times we have gone we had the Deluxe plan so we are wondering what QS locations will give us the most "bang for our buck" so to speak?
  11. djpoore94

    Pins & Carry-On Bag

    Hi Everyone, DH is planning his first solo trip in September and we think that we can manage to get him packed without having to check a bag ($30 savings with NWA as of right now). I have looked on NWA.Com and TSA.Gov and could not really find an answer as to whether or not he would be able to...
  12. djpoore94

    AKL to Boardwalk

    Hi Everyone! Can you all give me some tips on the best way to get from AKL to the Boardwalk? We'll be heading over there after we arrive at AKL on the ME, approximately 11:30 AM - Noon. Thanks :wave:
  13. djpoore94

    Early Departure and Breakfast Question

    Hi Everyone, I hope this is posted in the correct thread, I thought we had everything all planned for our trip in May, including the ADR's but then...... Spirit Airlines (I will NEVER fly with them again after the trips we have booked) threw a huge wrench in our plans. I am wondering what time...
  14. djpoore94

    Question Regarding MNSSHP

    Hi Everyone, DH loves the pin set (framed) that he bought during last year's MNSSHP and has now decided that he would like to collect all of them. We just got 2006 (I think it was) set from E-Bay at a really great price. Can someone tell me what year the first party was held and/or what year...
  15. djpoore94

    Disney To Charge For Receiving Packages Shipped By Guests?

    DH just read this on the DVC Owners website...... http://dvcnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=767&Itemid=1 Basically it is saying that if you want the convenience of shipping items rather than dealing with packing them, you're going to pay Disney in addition to the shipping...
  16. djpoore94

    Weird DVC Question

    DH and I are in the process of purchasing DVC points for OKW :sohappy: and I have a strange question! I understand that you don't get Mousekeeping every day unless you pay extra; that's not an issue for me (I don't change the sheets every day at home, why would I need that on vacation), but I am...
  17. djpoore94

    Magical Express & Late Departure

    We are staying at a Disney Resort for the first time in October. We will be taking advatage of the Magical Express for transportation from and back to the airport. We have everything scheduled with the Magical Express, but I have one question that I can not find an answer to: Our flight home...
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