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  1. LongballMG

    Jim Henson Creature Shop

    Now that the Jim Henson Creature Shop (Prop Warehouse connected to Tour Bridge 1) has been destroyed forever, does anyone know if the contents were saved? It would be a great loss if all of the props and artifacts were reduced to rubble.
  2. LongballMG

    Officially 15 years of MAGIC for this member!

    Just a note to thank @wdwmagic for everything he does and for starting this site many years ago as an IllumiNations fan site and then the UK site which evolved into WDWMagic. A lot has changed over the years and members of note have come and gone, but I always feel welcome here and a part of...
  3. LongballMG

    Goodbye Sassagoula River Cruise rental boats?

    According to a very trusted source there is only one week left to take a cruise down the Sassagoula River. They are closing down boat rentals at the moderate resorts and Downtown Disney. Allegedly, the company decided to not to build a boat marina at Disney Springs. Recreation cast members...
  4. LongballMG

    live spiel on the Backlot Tour Shuttles today?

    My mom is at the World and she insists that she had a live spiel on the backlot tour shuttles today and not the recorded spiel. She would know the difference as she is a WDW veteran and I am a former Shuttles cast member. Not that I doubt her, but I doubt her. I can't imagine the cast being...
  5. LongballMG

    Captain Cooks and QSDP

    Are you able to get the dole whip at Captain Cooks as your dessert with a meal if you are using the QSDP?
  6. LongballMG

    outstanding horizons info... on facebook of all places.

    http://www.facebook.com/groups/49748339925/ this group called horizons at Epcot Center is posting some amazing materials and audio, truly first rate stuff. I already sent the link to martin and thought I'd share it here. And I didn't search, so if this is a duplicate thread feel free...
  7. LongballMG

    Meet the World (Japan Attraction) at Epcot

    Insomnia brings about a question about the Meet the World attraction. I'm aware that the huge show building was built at Epcot for this attraction that was never installed. Does anyone know why (besides money) the attraction wasn't brought to Epcot after it closed at Tokyo Disneyland? If...
  8. LongballMG

    Akershus Breakfast 815am

    I made an ADR for Akershus for 815am on a day when there is no EMH at Epcot. The morning EMH is at MK for that day. How will I be able to get to Epcot from All Star Sports in time for the reservation? Would it be best to catch the EMH bus to MK and then Monorail to Epcot?
  9. LongballMG

    Gift Cards- Resort Room

    Can you pay for the balance of your resort room with a disney gift card at check in? I am a manager with Walgreens and we sell the cards. I want to help my store's Gross Profit by purchasing as many gift cards as possible before my trip in May. If you can pay for the resort room with a gift...
  10. LongballMG

    when is the next bi-annual ticket price increase?

    Just booked a trip for 10 days may 13 - may 23. I can get tickets from my employer. ADULT 10-Day Magic Your Way Ticket with Park Hopper® Option Gate Price: $316.00 plus tax $20.54 = $336.54 YOUR CORPORATE PRICE: $299.00 *Taxes & fees will be calculated at checkout 1) is this a...
  11. LongballMG


    If you look at literature from 1993-1996 you might see the name "The Transportarium" or simply "Transportarium" thrown around refering to the attraction located in the Metropolis Science Centre. Was the attraction ever called anything other than "The Timekeeper" or was this a misnomer. In...
  12. LongballMG

    HoP January 2010 rehab??

    My mother (who reads this site but does not post) insists she saw a thread or article on another webiste about an HoP rehab in January 2010. This makes no sense seeing the Hall had an extended refurb this year already. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I have seen nothing to this effect on...
  13. LongballMG

    DME...different flights...same room

    I have a question about DME. My friends and I might be departing from 4 different airports and arriving at MCO around the same time. Could we still add DME to our existing room-only reservation? How would this work? We are traveling January 11-20 2010 and staying at POP.
  14. LongballMG

    just booked for January 2010...SO EXCITED!!!!

    Just booked through a cast member friend: Pop Century Standard Room Check In: Jan. 11 2010 Check Out: Jan 20 2010 $731.10 for 4 adults. tax included. YAY!!! WE ARE GOING TO WDW!!! Going to buy 10 day park hopper tickets through my work for $280 each.
  15. LongballMG

    January 11-20 2010

    My friend and I are planning a trip for January 11-20 2010. I'd like to know if there are any promotions for this time. Free dining, etc... Is it too far in advance to book the trip? What do they do if promotions come up and you have already booked? Thanks
  16. LongballMG

    Disneyland Park Priority Seating

    Just called Disneyland and found out I can make my dinner Priority Seating (yes DL still calls them Priority Seatings) for my trip July 17, 2009 on May 17. Is the Blue Bayou the only restaurant inside Disneyland that accepts PS?? It seems really expensive. But since July 17 could see...
  17. LongballMG

    Did the Festival Center open this weekend?

    Just curious as to the current state of WoL? Was the Festival Center open this weekend? What is going on in there?
  18. LongballMG

    WDWMAGIC Meet at Disneyland July 17, 2009

    Hello I know that many "regulars" never read the Disneyland forum, I rarely do. So I'll try this here and then might post in other forums as well. I'm currently planning my first ever trip to Disneyland to celebrate the 54th birthday of Walt's park. I've been to WDW several times and...
  19. LongballMG

    PI after graduation

    posted this on disboards too... Is everyone who is applying for PIs a college junior or senior? I just graduated and didn't get my PIs for the 08 semester. I was wondering if anyone was trying to apply after they graduated and if it was allowed.
  20. LongballMG

    Moving to Albany... Looking for a home

    I'm moving to Colonie, NY (right outside of Albany) in July and look forward to meeting some friendly Disney folks. I'm currently looking for an apartment/roommate. If you of anyone you know is from the Albany area, either PM me or reply here. I've lived in Framingham, MA Utica, NY Lake...
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