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  1. christopherscob

    Mystic Manor Language

    Hong Kong has 3 official languages Cantonese Mandarin (since reversion to Chinese rule) and English many rides in HKDL have a dual Cantonese/English sound track or some have Separate tracks such as Jungle Cruise has different boats or Stitch Encounter has shows in Cantonese or English a various...
  2. christopherscob

    Second Gate at HKDL?

    All the new Park rumours at the moment (3rd parks in Paris and California) are around Disney using the New brands they have bought recently I would not be surprised if we a see a park somewhere in the world and possible Hong Kong with no Disney Characters at all but could be a movie park with...
  3. christopherscob

    Pepsi return to Disney with Shanghai deal

    A very interesting development in Shanghai with a deal to sell Pepsi rather than Coke in the park, looks like another reason to visit Shanghai as I much prefer Pepsi! http://disneyandmore.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/pepsi-cola-signs-with-disney-exclusive.html
  4. christopherscob

    How Many Days Until Your Next Disney Cruise???

    4 weeks tomorrow for my first ever Disney Cruise on the 4 days in the Med on the Magic and 3 days in Barcelona before we sail to see the sights. Mega excited :D
  5. christopherscob


    I think in 2014 Pepsi should sponsor the 50th anniversary of its a small world opening at the world fair as they did when it opened and they can sell it in the shop outside!
  6. christopherscob

    First Trip to Disneyland Info

    If you like them, the halloween party at DL is a lot of fun with a parade, special fireworks show and loads of candy and villians to meet. The tickets are sold just for the party and they let you into park upto 3 hours before it starts which is around 7pm so you can get in at 4pm. The staff...
  7. christopherscob

    transportation to other theme parks

    The best way I have found to get around without a car if you are staying in Anaheim is to use Grayline Tours http://tours.coachamerica.com/graylineanaheim/toursAna.cfm they offer coach trips with entry included and pick you up from your hotel and take you to the depot to get on your tour bus.
  8. christopherscob

    Currency Cards versus Traveller's Cheques

    I have not used the prepaid cards before but on my last visit in june we took Amex travellers cheques to WDW and it was so easy to use them. We stayed at the Saratoga Springs and were able to cash them with no fee at reception and they can be used as cash in all the shops to pay for items and...
  9. christopherscob

    Opening date for Dispicable Me?

    I totally agree the movie was great and I hope this is open soon as predicted as I am going Universal in June and I was going to just do IOA as we did USH last year but this ride would make get park hopper ticket and hopefully some Minion goodie's to take home!
  10. christopherscob

    Opening date for Dispicable Me?

    Does anyone know the expected opening date for the Despicable Me attraction at universal Studios? I am heading there in early June and wondered if it would be open, the web site just states summer 2012 but the building does now look complete on the outside. has anyone heard anything more about this?
  11. christopherscob

    New XPass Hardware at Space Mountain

    Its Bad enough at the moment booking my dining reservation 180 days out, working out where I want to eat in 6 months time and now I could be booking my favourite attractions also this could start turning my vacations into a military operation. I just need Disney to launch the restroom booking...
  12. christopherscob

    Uk & Ireland Fans Rejoice!!!

    We booked with Travel City Direct who went bust a few years ago but got bought by Virgin and for our trip in June to Saratoga Springs going via Manchester they were £600 cheaper and use the same Virgin airline flights looks like Virgin holidays are adding on some extra costs for the brand name...
  13. christopherscob

    Is There ANYTHING you Just Don't Like About Disney?

    My main issue would be the poor state of Downtown it feels like they dont know what to with it or dont want to spend money on it. Having been to Disneyland for the last couple of years where D/T has a real buzz to it I feel WDW could do with something to rejuvinate it.
  14. christopherscob

    Better time of year for WDW visit

    Another consideration for September is do you like the Halloween decorations or even the parties, this is always one of our favourite times to visit the disney parks and get some trick or treating fun.
  15. christopherscob

    Disney Collectors.

    I collect the WDCC (Walt Disney Classics Collection) Figures I think these are the closest thing to getting a Disney charater in 3d I must have 50+ of these including some park Related pieces such as Jedi Mickey. They can be Quite expensive for the large ones but they are fantastic quality and...
  16. christopherscob

    Will DHS attract a DCA style 'reboot'???

    I think one of the big factors for TDO will be how much merchandise sales are generated by cars land in DCA at the moment no one jumps of the back lot tour at WDW demanding a toy tram! It is also one of Disneys biggest young boys franchises and they are keen to develope a male success to rival...
  17. christopherscob

    Would it be in Disney's best interest to clone Toy Story Mania right next door?

    An idea that might work would be to use a possible new version of the ride based on Buzz light year, according to the Disney and more blog there are plans to make the Buzz Astro Blaster at the new Shanghai park using TSM technology rather than the usual versions at other parks. This would at...
  18. christopherscob

    Diz 2012 Trip Planning DVD

    At least you guys in the USA are still getting a planning DVD here in the UK we used to get one each year but this year all we get is a brochure and an online planning tool with short video clips:( I miss the DVD as it was a great way to help plan for our next trip but its probably down to the...
  19. christopherscob

    1st timer would love more info please.

    Another consideration you should look at is what operating hours are available often in off seasons the parks can close at 6 or 7pm and there is often no fire works shows unless its a special event eg we went in March last year luckily it was over St Patricks day and they had a special fireworks...
  20. christopherscob

    June 2012!

    Thanks for the advice Billy6 we like to be in parks early so sounds like your advice will work well for us, I have learned always to take poncho's with us to Florida especially in September as we often get rain storms of the hurricanes at that time of year. You mention SWW as being very crowded...
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