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  1. olie64

    Checking in a day early question

    My wife and I are taking our kids to Disney in July. We booked through a travel agent friend (do not need to but figured why not). Any ways we are thinking about checking in a day early. We have free dining but would be getting in later in the day before. Anyways what I was wondering if we book...
  2. olie64

    Diamond Horseshoe

    My wife and I ate there over spring break and really enjoyed it. When we booked it, it appeared wit was not going to be open in April. I got back on there yesterday and saw it is open to June 2nd. What I am asking do you guys think it will be open up more dates through June? The campfire...
  3. olie64

    Gender Reveal

    SO my wife and I will be make our last trip as a couple to Disney this year. No we are stopping going but we are going to be having a little one this fall. Has anyone ever done a gender reveal at Disney World? Also we heard we can talk with the CM at guest service and they will help set one up...
  4. olie64

    Via Napoli

    My wife and I will be eating here this summer for our trip. I know there are some official reviews out here but what do you guys think of the place? Thanks for any advice.
  5. olie64

    Best way to get from DHS to EPCOT

    We have park hoppers and are thinking about hopping over to Epcot for lunch instead of QS in DHS. What the fast way or is there a QS in DHS we should try? Thank you.
  6. olie64

    Unique code that had a special offer with it.

    Nothing beats coming home to a pin code for a trip. We already had one booked but free upgrade for 6 day park hopers
  7. olie64

    AP Question

    My wife and I are coming in June, Thinking about updating to AP so we can go in March over our spring break can we roll the price of our tickets over now or do we have to wait till our trip in june to try and do so?
  8. olie64

    Dining Help

    My wife and I are looking for a place to eat the night we check in. Any resorts/ non-park table service we should try? any suggestions would be great. We will be there in June. .
  9. olie64

    Off Site Hotel For One Night

    My wife and I are coming down in June we are look for a nice cheap hotel close to disney. We will just be staying there the night before we check in we like to go to DS the evening before that way we can do some resort hoping the day we check in before 6 days in the park. Anyone know of a decent...
  10. olie64

    New Member

    My wife and I are both big WDW fans. I was not even remotely interested in WDW until three years ago when I finally caved to the demand to take my wife to WDW. Three trips in three years, going again this June to make it 4 for 4.
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