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    AP Refund Watch

    Yes that's how it showed up.
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    AP Refund Watch

    Credit hit the purchase credit card today 10/1 for our two passes. Looks like its prorated for the amount of time left on the pass from the time they closed to the original expiration date.
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    AP Refund Watch

    Our passes disappeared from MDE today (been checking periodically). Don't know if that's a glitch or they've been refunded and removed. No refund to purchase card yet but that can take a few days to show up if they just processed a refund. I'll update if the refund posts or the passes show back up.
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    Bridge connecting MK to GF being constructed

    They could do something like the pontoon bridge in Curacao. The bridge is hinged and opens regularly to enable the passage of ocean going vessels. On the opposite end from the hinge is a small shelter where an operator controls two diesel engines turning propellers. The propellers are mounted...
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    George K to Replace Meg Crofton as WDW head in early 2013

    Guess Al Lutz will finally have a good source for WDW inside info...
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    Magic Kingdom evening Extra Magic Hours attraction line-up to change next week

    Could all be part of a plan to phase out EMH altogether over time? Shorter the hours, swap then reduce attractions (I remember Jungle Cruise being open several years ago, though maybe that was a swap for something closed at the time, don't know). Maybe the long term plan is to have FastPast+...
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    Magic Kingdom evening Extra Magic Hours attraction line-up to change next week

    Sunday late night EMH at MK was the reason I stayed on site. With shorter hours and less rides, they are going to lose my hotel business (and therefore a lot of my food business too)
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    EMH To Be Cut By An Hour?

    I always use the nighttime EMH at Magic Kingdom on Sundays on my trips, frequently till 3am. The park is usually pretty quiet from 2am on but its the best part of the day for us, As for spending, - maybe if they left a few places open guest spending would be higher. You can't even get a cup of...
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    Duffy merchandise proves to be extremely popular - purchase limits coming into effect

    Unless they are putting up huge signs about the limit, no one will know about it unless they actually try and buy 6 of something so how does it create artificial demand?
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    As of today (Jan 7th): No more paint brush hunt on Tom Sawyer's Island

    How many fastpasses were they giving out on the island?
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    SSE Finally Getting Finished

    One day in the future they will change the descent again. And there will be a whole bunch of people who say "Nooo! I love the whimsical choose your lifestyle ending. I grew up with it." That being said I miss Walter Kronkite and Tomorrow's Child and found the Irons and orchestral descent a...
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    Is disney parks and resorts for sale?

    Don't be silly EVERYONE knows when a bunch of board members meet at WDW it is: 1. To sell the parks or 2. To fix the Yeti, the tarp in Big Thunder, and the animatronics in Splash or 3. To make sure the Four Seasons hotel gets built in 2014 It CANNOT however, be a run of the mill Board...
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    ValidFill at Resorts

    Perhaps its part of the Living Character Initiative and continued personalization and pre-planning of all aspects of your trip. Guests will be able to make drink reservations from the comfort of their homes or hotel room and have that programmed into their cup. The soda machine will then...
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    Late Night Jungle Cruise Excursions

    Last few Sunday night EMH's I've been at Jungle was closed. :(
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    Yeti is indeed being fixed! Update 8/4/2014

    Having seen the "A-mode" many times in the early days of the attraction, I can only assume that those who claim its too fast and too anticlimactic either never saw it, missed it, of went through the Yeti cavern on those occasional times when the timing of the Yeti's lean and swipe and that of...
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    Disney Grad Nites to End

    A lot of Florida schools now do Grad Day at Universal during regular park hours and can go any day of the week or weekend. Looks like Disney is moving to that model.
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    How many mickey rooms were there at toon town fair?

    Santaland at MACY's works the same way. There were 6 rooms at one time.
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    Orlando High Speed Rail IS DEFINITE

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott turned down Federal funds so killing the project Edit: Athome beat me to it
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    The Hidden Horror of the Haunted Mansion Queue

    One thing not suggested yet...Since one reason for the rework of the queue is supposedly to let wheelchairs all the way through the normal line, that WOULD allow the old wheelchair entrance to become a new FASTPASS line right?
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    Tron Legacy

    I could have used a little more meat on just HOW the isos were going to change the world...
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