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  1. oliviosis

    Long Skyliner waits from Pop to HS?

    I've heard from two people today that they've been hearing about long wait times to get from Pop to HS in the morning. Has anyone experienced this? One of the two said that folks are lining up at 7:30 am when the Skyliner doesn't start operating until 8:50 am! I cannot fathom having to get up...
  2. oliviosis

    Pre-Trip A Fall 8th Birthday Celebration

    Hi everyone! I've been reading trip reports for years but I haven't ever done one myself sooo, this year, I'm challenging myself to follow through and actually write one. I figured that, if I start with a pre-trip report, maybe I'd actually follow through on an actual trip report. 🤞 When: Oct...
  3. oliviosis

    Celebrating my son's birthday at WDW, which character meal should I book?

    We will be celebrating my son's 8th birthday at WDW this fall. I plan to order a small cake to be delivered during a character meal. The only character meals we've done so far are Chef Mickey's and Akershus princess breakfast. He also has Down syndrome so he's not a typical 8 yr old boy. He is...
  4. oliviosis

    WL bathroom question

    I googled images of the bathrooms at WL and it appears that there's no door or any kind of curtain in the sink/vanity area. Is that correct? Was hoping to get a jump on getting ready while my boys were still asleep but I'm guessing that's not going to happen based on what I can see in pictures.
  5. oliviosis

    Room location request for POR blank?

    Has anyone tried making a location request for POR lately? When I try, it comes up blank for both fields.
  6. oliviosis

    Raglan Road main stage area?

    Raglan Road is a must do for our family. The last two times we've gone, we've been put in one of the rooms to the side of the main room. I don't remember a way to make a request on the Disney reservation. I know you can also book via Open Table but I don't know if you can add a request on...
  7. oliviosis

    DVC Rental late Feb vs early March?

    We're newbies to DVC rental but I've been doing research. We're planning a trip in 2018 and considering either the last week of February or first full week of March. Target would be a 2 bedroom at one of the WL DVCs. I wanted to wait to be inside the 7 month window but when I look at this...
  8. oliviosis

    BTMR refub, still showing closed in Dec on MDE app

    When viewing park hours for our travel dates (12/4-12/10), the MDE app shows BTMR closed for refurb. The dates I've seen published show it opening after 11/19. I book fastpasses next week. I'm assuming it won't let me book BTMR if the app is showing it will still be undergoing refurb?
  9. oliviosis

    POFQ and bus to MK for Welcome Show?

    Hey everyone! My husband and I leave in a few days for WDW. It'll be our first time staying at POFQ and I'd really love to catch the Welcome Show before MK opens for the day. The day we are there, it says the show will take place at 8:45 am with park opening at 9:00 am. I've never caught...
  10. oliviosis

    DME and two different arrival times at the airport

    I'll be flying into Orlando and my husband will be driving in from Tampa. He is planning on turning in his rental at the Orlando airport and meeting me to head to the resort via DME. However, he won't be arriving until around noon and my flight gets in at 10:30 am. I entered my flight info...
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