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  1. thepirateking

    WDW Park Food - Rectangular Pizza from the 1990s

    During the 90s, eating pizza at WDW was one of my favorite things. I remember eating the same pizza at Epcot (Electric Umbrella) and at MGM (Soundstage restaurant where Disney Junior is now). The pizza itself was thick. Slices were cut into big rectangles about 4" x 6" (or so it seemed to my...
  2. thepirateking

    Upcoming Attractions - The Excitement of the Unknown

    I've been thinking about my reactions to all of the new/upcoming rides and what those reactions say about me. One of my main observations is that the excitement of the unknown is a big factor in how excited I am for a new attraction. Including the recent flurry of D23 announcements, the...
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