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    Resort questions- need some help!

    Hi! I am thinking about possibly renting points for late Sept/early Oct of 2019. We are a family of 4 (two adults, two kids) and I am interested in booking a studio. The only DVC we've stayed at is Bay Lake Tower and we had a great stay and loved the proximity to the monorail and walking to the...
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    Does anyone know if you can use an RCI timeshare for a DVC property? My parents have a set week (not points) through RCI and I wondered if you could use it towards DVC and what the process would be. I would love to exchange it for some time at Animal Kingdom Lodge but we are not picky as to what...
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    Animal Kingdom help/suggestions

    Hi Everyone, My post title says it all. I need some help planning a day in the Animal Kingdom. Some background, I've been to Animal Kingdom three times and each time only spent a half day there. I was last there in 2009. This time we are going with our five year old twins so that is why I...
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    Staying on site and off site/fast pass question

    Hi Everyone, I could use some help. My family and I are traveling to Disney in November and are staying off site for two days and on site for three days. We have three day park tickets. I booked my fast passes 60 days out for the three days we are staying on site. I am most likely going to...
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    Character questions at Epcot

    I am in the midst of planning our Nov vacation and saw that Epcot has some of my kids favorite characters! Baymax, Joy and Sadness. I looked at the meeting times on the app and it said 9am-9pm. I can't imagine that these characters are there all day. Do they just rotate them or are they really...
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    Flight of passage

    For those of you that have enjoyed flight of passage already, do you think a five year old is too young for it? (They just meet the height requirement). I am assuming yes they are too young for it but wanted to get some feedback. My fast pass window opens soon and I am debating whether we...
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    How accurate are crowd calendars?

    The subject says it all. In your experience are they pretty accurate? Do you follow the suggested park for the day or just wing it? My thought is that if everyone is going with the suggested park of the day then the crowds would tend to be higher but I could be all wrong.
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    Magic Kingdom dining help

    Any suggestions on good places to dine in the Magic Kingdom? Table service or quick service- I'll take any suggestions. I need to start making reservations and do not know where to start. Also, any Magic Kingdom restaurants we should stay away from? It's my husband and I and five year old twin...
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    Rental car drop off question

    My family is staying off property for a few days before staying on property for the rest of the trip. Our plan is dropping the car off at the Swan/Dolphin the day that we start staying on property since we will no longer need it. Will we be able to utilize Disney transportation that day of check...
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    November crowds

    Hi Everyone! I may be planning a last minute trip to Disney World this November for my family and I had questions about crowd levels. I am not planning on going Thanksgiving week since I know how busy the parks are. How is it in early November? I was all set to book something and then read that...
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