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  1. Mista C

    Ever Rising Room Rates

    Holy smokes! I just called and booked our two 2019 trips and room rates are rising more. We stay at the POFQ every November for four nights. For the past 2-3 years, I ended up paying on average around $225 per night. We were just there November 7-11 and I paid an average of $255 per night...
  2. Mista C

    Question about Reservations

    1. If you have a resort reservation but have not purchased your park tickets yet, are you able to make dining reservations for restaurants in the parks, or do I have to buy my park tickets and have them linked first? 2. On the day that I am officially allowed to make dining reservations...
  3. Mista C

    Reservation Payment Schedule

    Can someone refresh my memory... I usually book my trips so close to the date that I'm going that I just end up paying in full at the time that I make my reservation. Well this year I'm actually booking about 6 months in advance. Does anyone know how much you have to pay at the actual time of...
  4. Mista C

    Magical Express Wait Time

    Quick question on the Magical Express, as I've never had to use it. Being from Fort Lauderdale, we drive every trip, but this year my wife is meeting up with my daughter and myself for one day and she's flying into Orlando Intl. Her flight lands at 8:05 am. Once she walks down to Magical...
  5. Mista C

    My Random Thoughts and Observations: May 18-21

    So I just returned from four days at WDW and wanted to share my random thoughts and observations from while I was there. BTW, I have been going regularly to WDW since I was four (1975) and currently my family and I go about twice a year since we only live 3 hours away. MM+/FP+: I must say...
  6. Mista C

    MK Welcome Show

    So we are leaving for WDW on Sunday and will be at the MK on Monday and Tuesday. In the gazillion times that I've been to the park, I have never seen the Welcome Show, but we plan on seeing it both mornings. A few questions... What actually happens in the Welcome Show? I'm guessing that it...
  7. Mista C

    Is Thanksgiving Day Complete Insanity at the MK?

    Being that I've been going to the World since the mid-70's as a kid (and have never stopped going) I should know better than to even ask this. Our holiday trip is typically the first weekend in December, so I have never actually been there on Thanksgiving Day. We do not have a holiday trip...
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