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  1. Unplugged

    Official DVC Announcment "Bay Lake Tower"

    Greetings All , I've been reading all the postings on this since they shutdown the old North Wing and took more than my share of salt with the postings. The past 90 days have certainly revealed a lot regarding the facts that it was DVC (thanks to those who posted the official filings). So...
  2. Unplugged

    Typhoon Lagoon: Music

    Everyone that's been to TL (or anywhere else in WDW) knows the background music plays a huge part in keeping the theme. I've been fortunate in assembling/collecting/acquiring music from locations including Wilderness Lodge thanks to the contributors of WDWMagic. Thanks to all! That said, here's...
  3. Unplugged

    Any News on "Lucky the Dinosaur"?

    A few people I know (how many posts start this way?) have said they heard Lucky was going to make a second appearence but for fall of 2006. I searched the forums and rumors, but have seen nothing that validates this. Has anyone heard anything? I'd love to see him again prior to his retirement...
  4. Unplugged

    Digital Photo Service Costs

    Hi All! Quick question. My family is going to WDW in Sept/Oct (read as "not soon enough") and we're taking our little one for the first time. Obviously I'll be shooting more photos than I know what to do with. Anyway, I know WDW started the "Digital Photo Services" in 2005 that allow you to...
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