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  1. ABZDisneyFan

    Trip Report Making Lemonade out of Lemons Fractal Family Trip Report - Completed

    Stunning photo's as always, your Trip Reports are amazing.
  2. ABZDisneyFan

    my little disney souvenir!

    Congratulations, what a way for your child to come into this world.
  3. ABZDisneyFan

    Narcoossee’s or Paddlefish?

    We've eaten in both place & Narcoossee's is way nicer, for food, service & view.
  4. ABZDisneyFan

    Proof of Age

    I've been visiting the States since I was 21 & am now 50, I've always used my passport when asked for ID & never had an issue with being asked for another form of ID. Mrs ABZDisneyFan is the same age as me & she was asked for ID back in 2014 at the margarita stand on the Boardwalk, so we would...
  5. ABZDisneyFan

    Considering staying at Old Key West...for first time

    We stayed there for 10 nights back in 2014 in a two bedroom villa, we took the in-laws with us and as much as I love them, there was no way we were sharing a room with them for 10 nights. :) We were looking at booking two rooms at the Yacht Club & asked the Disney Rep from Disney UK to price up...
  6. ABZDisneyFan

    If you could sit in one spot...

    There are some chairs outside on the walkway from the Yacht Club to the Beach Club, we quite often just sit there & watch the world go by, also anywhere in & around the Boardwalk area is a great place to just sit & relax.
  7. ABZDisneyFan

    For the foodies out there - what are the best restaurants in WDW?

    We are both foodies & eat out in London a lot, we like good food & wine so we are fussy about where we eat when we are in WDW. Some of our favourites, in no particular order: The California Grill - We always eat here when we are over from the UK, we've had some okay to good meals here in the...
  8. ABZDisneyFan

    One Ride each park

    MK - Haunted Mansion Epcot - Soarin DSH - Star Tours AK - Flight of Passage
  9. ABZDisneyFan

    MVMCP Must Dos?

    We don't usually focus on rides when we are at a party, were normally staying for two weeks so have plenty of time to do rides. We focus on the parade, shows & fireworks as well as a few of the unique character meet & greets, we also like just wandering around the MK taking in the atmosphere. If...
  10. ABZDisneyFan

    Minnie Vans

    We used Uber a few times on our trip last November but gave the Minnie Van service a try one evening from the Yacht Club when we wanted to catch HEA & were running late. We were impressed & being dropped off right at the entrance to MK was great.
  11. ABZDisneyFan


    Wow, what a fantastic thread, I've been downloading the videos & converting them to MP3's over the last few days, thank you so much for posting them.
  12. ABZDisneyFan

    D23 Memberships

    I've been thinking about subscribing to D23 for a while now even with the exorbitant international shipping charge to have the magazines sent to the UK. I've not looked recently but I assume from the first post that they have now stopped that option. I doubt very much it would have anything to...
  13. ABZDisneyFan

    Are the dining plans cost effective?

    We booked for November 2019 a few weeks ago when the 2019 offer was released by Disney UK. The last three times that we have booked, free dining has been included in the package. We eat out a lot at home & are unashamed foodies, with this in mind we tend to book quite a few signature...
  14. ABZDisneyFan

    Could we see a return of Wishes?

    Wow some people are getting really wound up about this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, just because someone disagree's with your point of view, that is not a valid reason to insult them. For what it's worth, we both really enjoyed HEA the couple of times we saw it during our trip last...
  15. ABZDisneyFan

    hotel check out and magic band

    We'll check with Guest Services when we are onsite, unfortunately we have to wait until November next year but at least we are booked & know that we are going. :-)
  16. ABZDisneyFan

    hotel check out and magic band

    Never thought of it that way, I assumed that the UK tickets were for 14 consecutive days from when they were first valid.
  17. ABZDisneyFan

    hotel check out and magic band

    I see that you are from Wales so I assume that your tickets would have been bought from Disney UK. If so it will depend on how long you have been there & when your tickets were valid from. It used to be that tickets from the UK became valid from the date of the first park entry, but that may...
  18. ABZDisneyFan

    Booking a first visit from the UK!

    The Free dining deals for 2019 were released last Thursday, the official Disney UK travel site was in meltdown for most of the day, we did finally manage to get our November 2019 trip booked though. My advice would be to get your trip booked as soon as possible if you know which dates you want...
  19. ABZDisneyFan

    Any word on the next free dining promo?

    The UK Free Dining Deals for 2019 were released last Thursday (April 19th), the official Disney UK Travel site was in meltdown for most of the day but we were able to get two weeks at the Yacht Club booked for November 2019.
  20. ABZDisneyFan

    how far in advance do you plan

    We booked our November 2019 trip last week when the booking window & free dining offer from Disney UK became available.
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