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  1. jay_london

    DVC Members

    Hi Guys , any DVC members out there? Am based in the UK and am interested in buying into the DVC. Any experiences or info would be welcome. Not quite sure how it works or the costs involved. Just wanted to get some first hand info before tackling any sale people from DVC. Kind Regards Jay
  2. jay_london

    Floridian pool

    Has anyone got any pics of the new pool? Or if you are going soon, please, please pop in the GF and take some, many thanks. jay:D
  3. jay_london

    The official jay_london/wdw-Imagineer election board

    We are now recruiting for our new administration. As you can tell we expect to win the lame posting election. Please let yourselves be known if you wish to join jay/wdw
  4. jay_london

    Whats happened to lightbeer?

    There is something sadly lacking on this forum-no lightbeer. I don't have anyone to abuse anymore, where is he? He can't be at wdw cos I would have had a picy email from him by now just to annoy me. I am worried, not for lightbeer you understand but for me. Without the old drunk...
  5. jay_london

    Not More Lost Services at WDW

    I don't know about the fountains. However, I was in NYC and stopped at the Disney Store there. A cast member in the travel center mentioned that the boats from Poly and GF to MK as well as the Friendship launches at Epcot were to be discontinued. I don't know if this is due to the water shortage...
  6. jay_london


    Has anyone heard or seen anything lately regarding the future of the 'Timekeeper'? Not so happy days if it doesn't come back jay
  7. jay_london


  8. jay_london


  9. jay_london

    Deep Joy

    I've just noticed I am now a member and no longer a junior. Are there any higher positions I can aquire, such as 'team leader of the nutty posters' jay
  10. jay_london

    Wish List

    OK 'Eisner The Mean' walks up to you and says ' you are the biggest WDW fan in the universe what would you like to do or see in WDW today' whats your answer? Mine would include a look inside Walt's plane, a complete back stage tour of the magic kingdom & epcot, would love to operate some of...
  11. jay_london


    I beleive that WDW has its own energy plant and that Walt originally wanted it to be nuclear. Does WDW still have an energy plant? If so does it provide all its energy needs? What does the plant burn, coal,gas or oil? jay
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