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  1. minniemickeyfan

    Caribbean Beach $75/night Gift Card Questions

    Hi, not sure about it when moving from a room to a package, but I did book the free dining bounceback for this July, and I did move to CBR and got the email a day later for the $75 gift card offer.
  2. minniemickeyfan

    Minnie's Holiday Dine... food any good?

    I was there in September and found it fairly good in my opinion. One thing I really like is for every sign for each food item has a symbol for each type of food allergy. I too have a fish/shellfish allergy and found this extremely helpful versus the chef just showing you around. I wish all...
  3. minniemickeyfan

    Free theme park parking question

    All ticket options are good 14 days from first use regardless of package/room nights/ Parking expires on end of resort check out day.
  4. minniemickeyfan

    Question about multiple tickets...

    Honestly not sure what your trying to accomplish. But anyway, if your not using the ticket at the gate, the system won't recognize they are there and therefore you won't be able to use their fastpasses. Why not just make your initial 3 FP's, and after you use them, make a 4th, after that a 5th...
  5. minniemickeyfan

    Autism and WDW

    Great story! thank you for sharing. My son 3 1/2 we believe has autism and or a learning disability. He hasn't been officially diagnosed, but is non-verbal and has many signs. He too loves Mickey and loves going to Disney World and all the rides. However, our biggest obstacle seems to be line...
  6. minniemickeyfan

    Split stay questions

    Yes. We tried to pick it up ourselves first in the early afternoon, but wasn't there yet.
  7. minniemickeyfan

    Split stay questions

    The only time I have had Disney transfer luggage for me from Pop to CBR, I wish I had done it myself due to you have to wait until you check in your room, then call luggage service to bring it to your room. If I had brought it myself, we could have gone about our evening plans right away. But...
  8. minniemickeyfan

    April 2016 crowds with new marathon weekend?

    Hi all, I was hoping you could help me plan which week in April would be best starting the 12th or the 19th for a week? I see that there is the new Star Wars marathon the 14-16th, but when trying to book a room, I seem to find more availability this week that the next. Any idea on which week...
  9. minniemickeyfan

    Best time to go in September

    Anyone think end of August would be better for crowds? I wish we could go later in the year, but my husband can really only get time off through September and then again starting Jan.
  10. minniemickeyfan

    You Know You Go To Disney Too Much When...

    when your at a family funeral and someone says to you, "I see your not in Disney-glad you could make it"
  11. minniemickeyfan

    Best time to go in September

    Hi all, my family and I are thinking of going next September. This will be the first time for us going in September and we hope to book with free dining. Was wondering if you could help me with what two weeks would be the best to go. I know there's Labor Day, and maybe the weekend for Night of...
  12. minniemickeyfan

    Your favorite, ahem......restroom?

    I really like the Tangled bathroom area, however I most enjoyed a cast member singing a Little Mermaid song in the bathroom next to the Garden Grill! Also,Germany is always the best with a run Disney event since they're up front
  13. minniemickeyfan

    Brunch comes to Chef Mickey's Starting 5/31

    I'm curious as to how this will work as I have an 11:20 breakfast I am keeping for early June. How will they keep the breakfast and brunch guests separate when brunch is at 11:30? I'm fine with just the breakfast food-love the vegetable quiche, but just wondering.
  14. minniemickeyfan

    10 days Theme Parks + 10 water park & more options = 14 days, right?

    Thank you! Some thought you can only use your options on your 10 days to the 4 parks.
  15. minniemickeyfan

    10 days Theme Parks + 10 water park & more options = 14 days, right?

    So I have a ticket question I hope someone can help me with. Some people are telling me that you can't do this, but I believe I've done this before. So our family will have the 10 day ticket with park hopper and water park and more options. My understanding is that I can do this in 14...
  16. minniemickeyfan

    Packs of Bottled Water at Resorts

    As a water filter is a great feature, I would not rely on that for babies water. Some still find a smell to the water and your baby might not like the taste of the formula. I don't remember what bottled water is at the resorts or if they even sell it. I always stop by one of the Hess stations...
  17. minniemickeyfan

    Major 2015 Pirates of the Caribbean Refurbishment Watch/Rumor.

    Hooray for moving it back to .june 8th! Now I can catch it right before!
  18. minniemickeyfan

    Swim Diapers 4 Sale @ Resort Stores?

    I have seen small packs there, but I remember them being quite dear in price. I can't remember exactly how many where in the pack. It might be cheaper to buy a pack from home at then just bring a few.
  19. minniemickeyfan

    A week away and the possibility of rain is scaring my party!

    Sorry to hear that. If you can, I would still go. Some of our favorite times have been in the rain
  20. minniemickeyfan

    RIP Target 5% discount

    Just bought some yesterday at Target and got the 5% off.
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