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  1. akneeconnors

    Pre-Trip At Last I See The Light

    Wow. I haven't posted or interacted with my Magicians in so long.. Do y'all even remember me?! I had a work trip booked back in April 2020 - CANCELLED I had my (first) Christmas trip planned for December 2020 - CANCELLED I could've managed the trip pandemic wise in December.. but I work for a...
  2. akneeconnors

    Trip Report STOP RUINING MY HAPPY PLACE! Feb 2020 TR!

    I'M BACK! I have been a fool y'all. I have sat here and read trip reports that detailed the struggles of traveling/vacationing with family and truly thought that I would never face that issue. Did I have plenty of drama and issues with my OWN family growing up going to Disney during my...
  3. akneeconnors

    Pre-Trip Taking non-believers to the World - Jan 2020 PTR

    Hello friends! Quick reminder of the lady behind the screen: Me! (Annie) Higher education professional, Mainer, bookworm, and lover of all things Disney (well.. maybe apart from some of the Facebook groups LOL I much prefer life over here at WDWMagic) What kind of trip am I planning? A...
  4. akneeconnors

    Trip Report Am I sweating, or am I still wet from the rain? Solo June 2019!

    I'm baaaaaaaaack! I had so much fun writing my first report, that I have returned to write ANOTHER. I had these big plans of writing this DIRECTLY after my trip, but then I had my sister's wedding, work travel, etc. Actually - at the moment I am sitting in a beautiful church in the Bronx for a...
  5. akneeconnors

    New user! Sorry for a silly question.

    I see how I can reply on my thread.. How do I create a new post (trip report)? Thank you!
  6. akneeconnors

    Trip Report The Stalker Surfaces - A First Report for a Long Time Creeper Feb 2019!

    Hello everyone! My name is Annie and I am your friendly undercover WDW Magic Trip Report Stalker. I feel as though I know so many of you personally, as I have read SO MANY trip reports over the years. I travel for work, and often on these travels I find myself passing the time on the boards...
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