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  1. redkoala245

    Magic Carpets of Aladdin will be converted into what!?!

    Hey everyone!! :) I don't know if this has been discussed yet but I found this interesting rumor from Screamscape.:eek: "While we know that the new double-sided Dumbo attraction (aka: Dueling Dumbos) is a lock for the new Fantasyland expansion, it has long been generally assumed that the Magic...
  2. redkoala245

    Character Location Changes Coming

    Hey everyone!! :) This is the first time I started my own thread. Yay!! :) So anyway… I don't know if this has been discussed but I found this information from Mouseplanet.com today. If it has I'm sorry. But here it is.: During Star Wars Weekends, Asajj (Clone Wars) will be available for...
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