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  1. christopherscob

    Pepsi return to Disney with Shanghai deal

    A very interesting development in Shanghai with a deal to sell Pepsi rather than Coke in the park, looks like another reason to visit Shanghai as I much prefer Pepsi! http://disneyandmore.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/pepsi-cola-signs-with-disney-exclusive.html
  2. christopherscob

    Opening date for Dispicable Me?

    Does anyone know the expected opening date for the Despicable Me attraction at universal Studios? I am heading there in early June and wondered if it would be open, the web site just states summer 2012 but the building does now look complete on the outside. has anyone heard anything more about this?
  3. christopherscob

    New construction pics from Hong Kong

    Mice Chat has some great new pictures of Hongkong Disneyland constuction and of the 5th anniversary decorations http://micechat.com/blogs/weekend-update/3045-walt-disney-world%3B-hong-kong-disneyland%3B-seattles-alladin-musical%3B-porcupine-gulch.html
  4. christopherscob

    Free dining in July!

    If you live in the UK or Ireland you can now get free dining from 5th July to 18th Nov, i know they have done this for a few years now but its always later in the year and low season. It wont be long until this is running all year long, it could be that bookings are low or that Harry Potter is...
  5. christopherscob

    pin trading launches in the uk

    I have just received an email stating that official pin trading will be launched in the uk disney stores and online very soon. This will include cast members in store to trade with and exclusive online pins, at least i wont have to wait years between new pins yeah!
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