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  1. pooh-san

    Where to buy diapers?

    Flying to WDW on Dec 10th with two kids in diapers, don't really want to pack diapers in the suitcase? Is there a convenient place to get diapers in WDW or on-site hotels (staying at Pop Century & AKL)? Would we better off sending a couple of boxes through with us on the flight - flying by...
  2. pooh-san

    Dining Plan Overlap

    Just want to make sure I'm planning this properly ... We're staying at two different hotels on our upcoming trip, we booked two separate packages each with a Dining Plan. Dining Plan credits don't expire until midnight of your check-out date, correct? So ... if we arrive late and only eat...
  3. pooh-san

    Reservations for Mid-December?

    Just curious ... Planning to visit the parks in mid-December (of 2012). Except for the Character Meals, is it really necessary to make early reservations during that season? Are things booked far in advance during slow seasons, too?
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