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  1. oliviosis

    Long Skyliner waits from Pop to HS?

    I haven’t Ubered from one resort to another. No issues getting past the guard?
  2. oliviosis

    Long Skyliner waits from Pop to HS?

    We are going next week so if nothing else, I’ll report back about my experience.
  3. oliviosis

    Long Skyliner waits from Pop to HS?

    Ugh, ok, thanks!
  4. oliviosis

    Long Skyliner waits from Pop to HS?

    I've heard from two people today that they've been hearing about long wait times to get from Pop to HS in the morning. Has anyone experienced this? One of the two said that folks are lining up at 7:30 am when the Skyliner doesn't start operating until 8:50 am! I cannot fathom having to get up...
  5. oliviosis

    Pre-Trip A Fall 8th Birthday Celebration

    Where: Wilderness Lodge This will be our first WL stay and I can't wait! The first time we took the boys, we stayed at the Contemporary which was amazing since we were within walking distance of MK. I just don't love the feel of that hotel. Details: I wanted to be in the parks on Burke's...
  6. oliviosis

    Pre-Trip A Fall 8th Birthday Celebration

    Hi everyone! I've been reading trip reports for years but I haven't ever done one myself sooo, this year, I'm challenging myself to follow through and actually write one. I figured that, if I start with a pre-trip report, maybe I'd actually follow through on an actual trip report. 🤞 When: Oct...
  7. oliviosis

    Trip Report When Emotions Are As Unpredictable As The Weather

    Following along! I have a 7 year old with Down syndrome so I understand a lot of what you've shared so far. To be honest, I'm sometimes grateful that our son's disability is obvious because it feels like there is automatically a different understanding from strangers (he's a random people hugger...
  8. oliviosis

    Last week of October in WDW

    We went last year Oct 23-27th and crowd levels were low to moderate. The lowest I've seen at MK in years one morning but it was probably moderate by lunchtime. I'm going to go against the grain and say MNSSHP was a big no for us. It was SO crowded when we went a few years ago (same week as...
  9. oliviosis

    Free Dining for Spring?

    I went that same week last year and it was perfect! The best weather I've experienced at WDW and the crowds were low to moderate. Enjoy!!
  10. oliviosis

    MNSSHP in August 2020 yes or no?

    If you aren't bothered by the heat, then go! Pick reasonable costumes for the heat and humidity and make sure to spend some time at your resort to rest before hand. We went in mid October and it was crazy crowded and not worth it to me but I've heard that crowds are much lower and more...
  11. oliviosis

    Planning a 2021 vacation help, please!!

    I don't think you can go wrong with either hotel but since you've never done Poly, that would be my vote. It also has a great pool, although not quite the same as BC. Plus it has some of my favorite restaurants on property, 'Ohana and Kona (breakfast!) and Trader Sams! And I still love the...
  12. oliviosis

    Celebrating my son's birthday at WDW, which character meal should I book?

    I did not even think of Hoop Dee Doo! He loves music and dancing! I bet he’d love that!
  13. oliviosis

    Celebrating my son's birthday at WDW, which character meal should I book?

    We will be celebrating my son's 8th birthday at WDW this fall. I plan to order a small cake to be delivered during a character meal. The only character meals we've done so far are Chef Mickey's and Akershus princess breakfast. He also has Down syndrome so he's not a typical 8 yr old boy. He is...
  14. oliviosis

    Who's here right now?

    We went this time last year and crowds were pretty moderate. How do they seem this year?
  15. oliviosis

    Crowds like in Early October?

    We went last year and our first park day was Thursday October 25th and it was DEAD at MK. I couldn't believe it. Like the least amount of crowds I've seen there in my adult life. Epcot on Friday was busier and AK/MK were nuts that Saturday. I think the key on the first day was that there was...
  16. oliviosis

    So here’s the backstory...... Questions about going with an (almost) 3 year old.

    We went with our son at 22 months and then again one month before his 3rd birthday so, basically the exact same timing you guys will have. We had a much better trip this time. He was actually fine being in the stroller most of the time this time and when he wanted to walk he held our hand or...
  17. oliviosis

    WL bathroom question

    I saw that. Probably not much worse than the thin curtain at POR/POFQ. It was nice when we stayed at Contemporary that there was an actual door. This made it possible for me to dry my hair after they were in bed and get ready in the morning. Just one of those things I wish Disney would pay...
  18. oliviosis

    WDW with feeding tube?

    Hi and welcome! My son has Down syndrome and we've done Disney twice so far. The stroller as a wheelchair tag and the DAS makes Disney our "go to" vacation! I think everyone already answered your questions but I just wanted to add that if she doesn't require a special stroller, I'd recommend...
  19. oliviosis

    WL bathroom question

    Bummer. Thanks!
  20. oliviosis

    WL bathroom question

    I googled images of the bathrooms at WL and it appears that there's no door or any kind of curtain in the sink/vanity area. Is that correct? Was hoping to get a jump on getting ready while my boys were still asleep but I'm guessing that's not going to happen based on what I can see in pictures.
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