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  1. disneylandcm

    Will Disneyland USA suffer? ALL Of Disney's Theme Parks Now Closed - Reopening Dates Unknown

    Please don’t feel ashamed about your feelings. This is a difficult and unprecedented time so it’s natural to experience many emotions. I myself am beginning to feel overwhelmed by fears and worry. I work at DLR and we are in total limbo. I’m responsible for my disabled mother and have my own...
  2. disneylandcm

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    The app lists Ghost Rider as down from 3/3-3/30.
  3. disneylandcm

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    Those are very appropriate stories to include.
  4. disneylandcm

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    Those are good properties for a future show but “magic” doesn’t really “happen” in them to warrant inclusion in this one. .
  5. disneylandcm

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    The Frozen 2 float, as well as Moana, really benefit from darkness. All of the lighting effects are much more visible and lessen the plastic look. Unfortunately, we’ll only get appreciate this during the 6pm shows when the sun goes down early.
  6. disneylandcm

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

  7. disneylandcm

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    Yes, the enthusiasm was fun as a private CM event. I enjoyed the parade for itself much more just now with average guests. The music is fine. But it’s a beautiful parade.
  8. disneylandcm


    Actually, since it’s in the basement, this implies that Mickey meeting you will give him pink eye.
  9. disneylandcm

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    My initial reaction is tempered by the fact that I couldn’t really hear the music over the enthusiastic screaming of my fellow CMs. It’s a very modern parade in terms of costumes and choreography. I loved seeing Merlin and young Arthur. Maui has the most awkward costume for a performer to...
  10. disneylandcm

    News Bob Iger Steps Down - Bob Chapek CEO

  11. disneylandcm

    Bob Iger Stepping Down, Bob Chapek New CEO

    I, for one, look forward to this because I never feel immersed while urinating. 😉
  12. disneylandcm

    News Bob Iger Steps Down - Bob Chapek CEO

    I was in TDA awaiting the start of a meeting when I slowly stood up to clock in. As I was doing this Mr Colglzier walked by and our eyes met. (It was the first time I had ever seen him so I probably looked impressed.) He looked at me and said “You needn’t rise.” It was hilarious and ‘douchey’...
  13. disneylandcm

    Onward characters to Debut at Disneyland Upcharge Party and DCA

    Cloris Leachman was superb in The Last Picture Show. I’ve been a fan since the Phyllis days as well. I like the moment in The North Avenue Irregulars car chase when her newly manicured finger nails get broken and she fumes at the driver that caused it. PS. Auto-correct tried to name her...
  14. disneylandcm

    DCA turns 19 this Saturday (2/8/2020)

    You know, when you’re inside that cabin, even though you can’t see what character it’s wrapped with, you just feel, like, so immersed. Like it’s a totally different experience on the Pal-Around than the Fun Wheel. What a “reimagining”! Money well spent on a third version. 😏
  15. disneylandcm

    Disneyland Project/Rumor Tracker

    They tore down the rehearsal hall and accompanying performer facilities, and I think that included Disney Performing Arts for outside groups. This sounds like a substitute for all of that.
  16. disneylandcm

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Every time I got to the top I’d think “why did I do this????” And then, when I got to the bottom I’d get in line again.
  17. disneylandcm

    Rumor Coco attraction coming to DCA

    The Electrical Parade building is used for WOC equipment and repairs and also houses Viva Navidad and the Cars when they are being repaired and (possibly?) stored. I’ve seen the original parade building used to store the Frightfully Fun Parade and they dismantled Pixar Play there. Also attached...
  18. disneylandcm

    Avengers Campus - Reactions / Reviews

    Horticulture is there too.
  19. disneylandcm

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    Oh, how Magical! He sounds perfect for Disneyland! 😕
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