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  1. donnylambb

    Best fastpass entrance to WDW rides.

    Being a regular at the world I have noticed some of the fastpass lines are so much better constructed than others. My two favorites are Frozen and Splash Mountain. Even with the stand by lines over 120 minutes you get right on. My least favorite fastpass is soaring seems you still just stand...
  2. donnylambb

    Just got back from my 11 day stay. We had a blast but feel extorted by Mickey Mouse.

    Luckily my family can afford it but I do not know how a normal family can do it. I know people write about this all the time but we can definitely see the difference over the last couple of years. By the way a little trivia question for you. "In living with the land what is the name of the...
  3. donnylambb

    Countdown to a 11 day stay

    We will be at WDW in two weeks for 11 days and we have always been pretty adventurous. What's the one off the beat thing that you do that you don't think the regular visitor to even know to do?
  4. donnylambb

    Disney Without Our Kids.

    First of all we love to go to Disney World with our family we have been doing every summer for the last 5 years. My sons are 13 and 7 and they are very good travelers. But last month me and my wife snuck away for a 4 night Food and Wine festival get away. We had so much fun ate some very good...
  5. donnylambb

    Going to the EPCOT Food and Wine Festivel. What Do I Have to Eat and Drink?

    Me and my wife are going to the EPCOT food and Wine Festival this week. Never been and need to know what to try.
  6. donnylambb

    What new attraction excites you the most?

    With all the rumors and announcements coming out of WWD its seems every week which one excites you the most?
  7. donnylambb

    My Recent Disney Escape-My Observations Please Chime In Yours

    Guys and Gals just got back from a wonderful 10 day escape to the most Magical Place on Earth. I will give my top 10 Observations. 1. Toy Story Land I rate a 9 out of 10. Love the slinky dog better than we expected. The reason not a 10 to many pinch points that people stop to take pictures gets...
  8. donnylambb

    Who Is Your Favorite Disney Villain.

    For some strange reason I have always been attracted to the Disney Movie Villain's when we go to the Parks. My favorite Villain of all time is Scar from the Lion King. Can anybody relate or I'm I just wrong?
  9. donnylambb

    How many visits?

    How many times have you been to Disney World and when is your next visit? My family live in Dallas and we have gone every year for the last ten years. We are going again in three weeks and I still get excited like its the first time. I know its hot but we live in Dallas so of course we are used...
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