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  1. lileonard

    5 legged goat

    I just noticed this when I was at the contemporary last week, When you board the monorail look at the wall with the paintings on it, you will see various goats, but if you look to the far right of the wall you will see a 5 leg goat:animwink: I think thats prety unusual:slurp:
  2. lileonard

    Important pool ?

    I am going to wdw next tuesday and staying for 8 nights at the all star music resort, I was wondering if they keep the pool and pool area open all night? Last summer when I went to the AKL it was open all night. But at the beach clucb the pool closed at 8 during Christmas time So...
  3. lileonard

    the wierdst theing on the planet !!!

    If you listen to ther pink floyd album Dark side of the moon. while watching the wizard of oz. you wont believe the weirdness that you will experience. let me just tell you, I just found out about this a couple of weeks ago and I didnt believe it. I tried it tonight with my budies...
  4. lileonard

    Disney golf ?

    If you are staying on property and you want to go to one of the disney golf courses, does disney provide transportation or do you need to get a cab?:brick:
  5. lileonard

    quick space ?

    I have seen some of the great photos of the inside. But my question is how are the que areas designed, is it more of a warehouse feel to it or is it different. Also are they finished with the inside of the building or do they need to put in some walls or something along that line. When I...
  6. lileonard

    Another space thread

    Im sorry to make another post about mission space, but I wanted to make sure I get some answers. I am going down to wdw from July 15th through the 23rd. I was wondering what the chances there would be soft openings during that time. I was also wondering what do the hours on disney rides...
  7. lileonard

    bay lake property

    Does anyone know why disney does not create resorts on the other side of bay lake ( opposite of wilderness Lodge and fort wilderness). Is that a possible spot for resort expansion or is it bad land to construct on? It just seems like a perfect spot for a nice disney themed resort.
  8. lileonard

    no wieght!!!

    Does anyone know how the wieghtlessness sensation is performed on Mission Space???:cool:
  9. lileonard

    very important question!!!

    If me and three other people take advantage of the fairytale package and stay at the all star movies for 7 nights, would there be any way for us to purchase a three day park hopper pass and still get a deal on that. Or does it have to be as long as you stay, for the ultimate hopper ticket, and...
  10. lileonard

    resort deals question

    I am going down to disney july 15th, I was wondering if anyone knows if disney is going to offer any upcoming deals for selected resorts, I know there was a recent one that expired. I would really like to get a deal. Thanks
  11. lileonard

    username problem

    Im having trouble logging in with my original username this name i have now is temporary can anyone help me log in with my original username?:veryconfu
  12. lileonard


    Im gonna ask this question here scince it seems it more popular in the chit chat section. Ive been a user for a while and I want to get my original username back. Every time log in with it, it wont let me post, I know that I am logged in because it has my user name at the bottom, where it...
  13. lileonard


    Believe it or not there were some snow flurries here in cleveland this morning with the temp at about 37 degrees. This is the latest snow this city has ever seen. We never get a summer up here.:o
  14. lileonard

    june hrs.

    I have a simple question. I was looking at the park hours for june, and for future world in epcot it says it is only open till 7 pm, and world showcase is open till 9. I have never seen this before. Every time I have been to epcot, future world and the showcase were open till 9? Can...
  15. lileonard

    restaurant pics

    Does anyone know a website that has pictures of the different restaurants in wdw, im just curious because I want to see what some of the inside of the restaurants look like. Thanks:)
  16. lileonard

    San Angel Inn

    Were thinking about eating here on our trip, How is the atmoshere here, I always see it when im going on the ride but never tried it out. I would appreciate and tips about this place. Thanks:animwink:
  17. lileonard

    wdwmagic moderator

    Is this steve or someone else I know with these crazy people comin on its very necissary to have one.:hammer:
  18. lileonard


    hi i was just wondering if you can switch my name back to lileonard i posted somn about it yesterday but I was just reminding the email adress is cobb5216@msn.com it got messed up the other day because i was playin around with it im sure the account still exists with all of the past...
  19. lileonard

    serious problem

    hi i had to change my acount name to dboy im really lileonard and ive been registered scince june last night i tried to switch my email adress on my lileonard account later that night i deleted the new email address i created and now i cant get logged back in as lileonard Can anyone...
  20. lileonard


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