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  1. donnylambb

    Opening WDW with Social Distancing

    it would be a nightmare to try to enforce. kids running everywhere. cast members have to get within 6 feet to make sure your in some of the rides the right way. i would not want to pay my money for this. i will wait till we are back to normal
  2. donnylambb


    love it i would frame it if i can find one
  3. donnylambb

    POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

    we decided to wait till next summer. 1st year without our magic getaway in 10 years. everybody stay safe!
  4. donnylambb

    Lost and Found Frustration

  5. donnylambb

    Need help with Tower of Terror details

    I run a business and its the upkeep and small things that can give a client experience the reaction that you have with TOT!
  6. donnylambb

    WDW Favorite Attraction Poll #1-Seven Dwarf Mine Train VS Space Mountain

    the entrance to space mountain is one of my favorites
  7. donnylambb

    Why don’t we have something like “Great Moments with Walt Disney”?

    put the life of Walt Disney in spaceship earth as a new attraction?
  8. donnylambb

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    Epcot is indeed my favorite park. I love your passion keep it up!
  9. donnylambb

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    some of those buildings I think you will agree need to be torn down or updated. I see your point though if they are tearing buildings down that is invasive!
  10. donnylambb

    Epcot Issues

    Frozen was down twice on our last trip. We had to walk off splash mountain.
  11. donnylambb

    Cashing in Disney Visa $$$

    they will send you a debit card that you can spend like a prepaid credit card. we also have a Disney card and save for Disney.
  12. donnylambb

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    I will give it a chance does not look to invasive.
  13. donnylambb

    New Tomorrowland sign

    I'm like it better at night.
  14. donnylambb

    Do most people tip when using the DDP?

    I'm kind of insulted that people would to consider not tipping a server. Do you work for free?
  15. donnylambb

    Disney Has Lost It's Way - An Article From The Federalist

    great thread fellow Disney fans. I think there is some truth if you admit it or not. We cant look through the rose colored glasses anymore. We just got back from ten days at the beach club and for the first time my family wants a break from the world. I'm heart broke but its their vacation to...
  16. donnylambb

    OKW Sept 2020 Not Available?

    it might be to far out? maybe ? that does not sound right I'm with you on this one!
  17. donnylambb

    Insanity Pricing Officially Reached

    I wrote about this a while ago and I got so many Reponses defending it I just gave up.
  18. donnylambb

    Best fastpass entrance to WDW rides.

    Being a regular at the world I have noticed some of the fastpass lines are so much better constructed than others. My two favorites are Frozen and Splash Mountain. Even with the stand by lines over 120 minutes you get right on. My least favorite fastpass is soaring seems you still just stand...
  19. donnylambb

    Just got back from my 11 day stay. We had a blast but feel extorted by Mickey Mouse.

    its not the money its the principal is I guess what I wanted to say.
  20. donnylambb

    Just got back from my 11 day stay. We had a blast but feel extorted by Mickey Mouse.

    We had a blast but we noticed everything from my sons goofy sours, beer , water etc getting really expensive for what your getting. The money is not the issue I can stay a month its in 5years a beer will be 12.00 water 7.50 goofy candy-12.00 and even that I can afford it I probably wont go every...
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