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  1. forevermickey

    Disney Blogging

    sorry .. thought because it was a Disney Blog.. other Disney Bloggers might be on this forum and have advice.. thank you for the reply
  2. forevermickey

    Disney Blogging

    I had posted a question about webhosting and disney blogging.. I think it has been removed, am I not allow to create a post for that?
  3. forevermickey

    Disneyland Must Do's

    thank you!!!
  4. forevermickey

    Disneyland Must Do's

    Experienced Disneyland dwellers or First time visitors, what are your "must do's" while in the Magical Kingdom or California Adventure? Thank you :)
  5. forevermickey

    Attention Disneyland Foodies :)

    A friend is traveling to Cali and will be spending some time in Disneyland/Cali Adventure.. she is a fan of steak house fare and french cuisine.. any suggestions?
  6. forevermickey

    International Food and Wine Festival question

    Thank you :) I called WDW to ask a couple questions and the rep told me all the food was free!, lol and that no one wants to dining plan with it...so.. thank you very much for your information
  7. forevermickey

    International Food and Wine Festival question

    I am sorry if this is the wrong topic for this forum... quick question.. to go to the Food and Wine Fest., is it general admission into the park then an additional charge for each sample of food and beverage from each kiosk?.. and a further charge for any additional special events? Thank you :D
  8. forevermickey

    Out with the Vikings, in with princess

    They spoke about how Christianity came to be across the land inside the church as well
  9. forevermickey

    Out with the Vikings, in with princess

    I agree with that! I LOVE the music in the Stave Church
  10. forevermickey

    Keys to the Kingdom tour....info on referb rides.

    Can we call ahead and find out who is on the tour schedule, lol.. fingers crossed it is Steve!!!
  11. forevermickey


  12. forevermickey

    Hiiiiii !!!!! :D

    Hiiiiii !!!!! :D
  13. forevermickey

    Disney on tv thread

    My destination America doesn't have any Disney Shows on tonight :(
  14. forevermickey

    Complimentary Coffee?

    I know this is silly.. but little things like that just turn me off to a vacation club stay.. pay for extra packets of coffee... I don't usually need xtra towels .. but what if I did.. would I have to pay for them?:confused:
  15. forevermickey

    Complimentary Coffee?

    REALLY??? Do they charge because you are renting a vacation club villa??? They have never charged me when booking a room through a regular booking? :(
  16. forevermickey

    Complimentary Coffee?

    Good Morning All:) We are checking into Animal Kingdom Villas tomorrow; we are staying in a Standard Studio. Will I be given complimentary coffee? I know they give you coffee when checking in for a regular resort booking, was wondering if it is the same for checking into a vacation villa...
  17. forevermickey

    Best 30 seconds at Disney...

    oh my goodness, I think it is impossible to just choose one 30 sec. best moment :D Resorts moments.. walked into the Poly Lobby ( ah the smell and feeling)*** Walking into the WWL lobby.. like a big hug.. walking into CBR's Port Royal and hearing the music.... Parks..Walking under the train...
  18. forevermickey

    If you were at WDW right this minute.....

    drinking a cup of coffee, getting into the shower being quiet not to wake up my little one.. if I was at a deluxe .. hanging out on the balcony
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