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  1. forevermickey

    Disney Blogging

    I had posted a question about webhosting and disney blogging.. I think it has been removed, am I not allow to create a post for that?
  2. forevermickey

    Disneyland Must Do's

    Experienced Disneyland dwellers or First time visitors, what are your "must do's" while in the Magical Kingdom or California Adventure? Thank you :)
  3. forevermickey

    Attention Disneyland Foodies :)

    A friend is traveling to Cali and will be spending some time in Disneyland/Cali Adventure.. she is a fan of steak house fare and french cuisine.. any suggestions?
  4. forevermickey

    International Food and Wine Festival question

    I am sorry if this is the wrong topic for this forum... quick question.. to go to the Food and Wine Fest., is it general admission into the park then an additional charge for each sample of food and beverage from each kiosk?.. and a further charge for any additional special events? Thank you :D
  5. forevermickey

    Complimentary Coffee?

    Good Morning All:) We are checking into Animal Kingdom Villas tomorrow; we are staying in a Standard Studio. Will I be given complimentary coffee? I know they give you coffee when checking in for a regular resort booking, was wondering if it is the same for checking into a vacation villa...
  6. forevermickey

    First Time AK Villas

    I posted a thread a few months back ..and got some great info from a great AKL fan. I am leaving in 7 days to stay at AKL Villas in Jumbo House. We are staying in a standard view studio. I read somewhere that it is better to stay on the Ostrich Trail wing instead of Giraffe because of noise...
  7. forevermickey

    disney vouchers

    HI :) I have booked with David's Vacation rentals for the first time. All our past trips we have received vacation vouchers in the mail with our luggage tags. I understand I will not be receiving these this time around. We like to rent a watercraft at the marina and do so because we usually...
  8. forevermickey

    Disney Quest

    Though I have been to WDW over and over, I have never been to Disney Quest. Now that I have a little one and she is of an age to enjoy this I have questions. It says Park Admission Required. Does that mean I would have to get the Water Park and more option on our ticket? Can you pay out of...
  9. forevermickey

    Favorite Dinner Dining Location

    I will be in the World in May and I am currently making my Dining resi's.... I have an open day of anything goes.... If you had a choice to dine anywhere for dinner and were not restricted to a particular park... where would you dine? (except for signature dining). 2nd dining question... Same...
  10. forevermickey

    Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge

    Staying @ the Animal Kingdom Villa for the first time in May. Read that Mara , though hard to get to, is a good place for a Quick Service meal. It says it is open @ 6:30am.. but I do not see a menu for breakfast fare. Has anyone had breakfast there, if so what do they offer? Thank you
  11. forevermickey

    May Trip First time to AKL

    We have booked a May trip to the World and are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge (villa) for the first time.. We have a lot of "firsts" this time around... first time my daughter (7) will not know about our Disney Vacation (big surprise until we leave for the airport), first time her and I will...
  12. forevermickey

    Splash Mountain Refurb until?

    Hi :) Just booked a May 6-14 WDW trip. I was trying to find out what would be down for refurb during that time. I first checked here and seen Splsh Mtn. would be down until March. I decided to go over to WDW website to find their refurb option is not available at this time, (after chatting...
  13. forevermickey

    Need People Opinions

    hi all:) I have stayed at only two resorts in WDW.. Caribbean Beach and Wilderness Lodge.. I love the atmosphere at both resorts; though they are polar opposites :) I tried to secure reservations in May through David's Vacation Club for the Wilderness Lodge but was not successful. Here are...
  14. forevermickey

    ready to go a different route

    :)I am ready to book... FINALLY... I have asked questions a while ago about renting or buying dvc points so I can stay at a deluxe resort. I have looked at David's Vacation Rentals and MouseOwners.com.... I have had a hard time booking because there is no cancellation policy unless you purchase...
  15. forevermickey

    Stay at WDW

    Hi everyone:) My family and I are planning a May WDW vacation. I recently found on facebook a page for (stay at wdw) They offer up to 62% of Deluxe room rates.. plus a possible promotion. The room they offer is a Deluxe studio with a standard view. Last May I was bumped to a Junior Suite...
  16. forevermickey

    An UnDisney Birthday?

    Tomorrow is my birthday... the BIG 41 :) I would love nothing more than to be in the World on my birthday, but sadly this is not possible. Can you all give my some suggestions how you would incorporate your love of WDW on your birthday? I will be having a party later in the month that will...
  17. forevermickey

    couple things I noticed

    Hi everyone :) Went to the World on May 8th and stayed @ the WL for the first time, loved it! I have a story about that.. I will put in my trip report after school is over and things slow down. I noticed a few things while on my trip, not sure if I am crazy or they were really different...
  18. forevermickey

    Anyone able to use online check-in

    I know these threads have been posted... I know WDW website has issues.. haven't used it in a couple months. I am leaving in early May and would like to use on-line check-in.. BUT as soon as I type in my email address and password it automatically sends me to the "try again" screen. Is this...
  19. forevermickey

    In the World without a car for the first time

    Hi everyone:wave: In May I am taking my 6 year old daughter for 3 nights... it will just be the 2 of us for the first time, I am excited! Another first.. we are staying at the Wilderness Lodge:sohappy:.... another first, we will be using the Magical Express(we usually rent a car from the...
  20. forevermickey

    Maybe March.. or should it be May

    I just got an opportunity for a quick 3 night trip to WDW.... I am excited but need some info from the yearly seasoned visitors, please:) I am sure March is a busy month due to Spring break but what about May... I don't hear many people talk about the attendance during this month.... Can anyone...
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