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  1. FrecklesFreeze

    3 adults staying while reserved for 2 adults?

    Hi All :wave: My husband and I are thinking about booking a room (possibly at CSR) with Magic Your Way + Dining for 2 adults for our trip in September. My sister is visiting from Japan that week and she would like to stay w/ us also. If she were staying for the whole week, we'd include her...
  2. FrecklesFreeze

    Sharing a meal @Table Serving Restaurants w/ Dining Plan

    Hi all! I'm sorry if this topic has been brought up already... My husband and I got free dining plan for our trip in December. I was wondering if it is possible to share a meal at table serving restaurant. If yes, how much the meal plan cost in this case? Is it still going to be 1 table...
  3. FrecklesFreeze

    My First Trip to WDW - Pre-Trip Plan

    Hi, everyone! My name is Freckles. I have been a member of WDWMagic for a couple months now, collecting as much info as I could for our trip to Disney World in December! My hubby and I usually take a trip around this time of the year to somewhere to celebrate early Christmas, our wedding...
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