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  1. cinderellafan6

    Stuffed Pretzels in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, DHS

    Hey everyone! I will be at Disney this weekend and I am really craving the jalapeno stuffed pretzel. I believe they still have the cream cheese stuffed at the Launching pad in MK, but do they still have the Jalapeno stuffed one?? Thanks!!
  2. cinderellafan6

    Disney Rides and Pacemakers

    Hi, my boyfriend is having a pacemaker put in today and had open heart surgery last Monday. We are big Disney freaks and go at least 6 times a year. What restrictions will he have when we go? Can he go on rides like Space Mountain, Yeti, Splash, Dinosaur?? Also will the magic band cause any...
  3. cinderellafan6

    Disney website not working for annual passholder renewal?

    I have been trying to renew an annual pass for a couple of days. The website keeps saying "we had to duck out, we apologize for the temporary inconvenience but disneyworld.com is not currently available". Anyone know anything about this??
  4. cinderellafan6

    New AP pass price hike

    When do you think the price hike will come this year for the new AP's? Were not going on our trip till November and I need to buy my 4 year old an AP pass. I just don't want to wait and have them raise the price on me but I am kinda short on cash now. I already have my AP.
  5. cinderellafan6

    Pandora store at Magic Kingdom

    I was wondering what the Pandora charms go for at the Magic Kingdom. Any under the price of $25?
  6. cinderellafan6

    Potty training help in the parks.

    I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. She has been to the parks a number of times but always wore a diaper. She has been really good with the potty training but we are goin to the parks in a month and im nervous My question is...do you put a pull up on your toddler in the parks or just bring a lot...
  7. cinderellafan6

    Polynesian fountain

    Anyone at Disney now know if the poly waterfall is fully blocked off or not
  8. cinderellafan6

    starbucks: pay with your phone in the parks?

    I have the Starbucks app on my phone. I always pay for my coffee with the app. Can you use the app inside the Starbucks in the Disney parks??
  9. cinderellafan6

    Mannequins to be turned into a resturant

    http://savepleasureisland.blogspot.com/2014/03/breaking-news-mannequins-8trax-to-be_28.html Save pleasure island blog just announced a new restaurant will take over the Mannequins and 8 Trax bilding
  10. cinderellafan6

    Drink around the world shirts

    Does anyone know if you can buy shirts at EPCOT that relate to all the alcohol from different countries?
  11. cinderellafan6

    Online check in

    I booked 2 hotel rooms on Friday 9/13 and I still can't do online check in. I have 53 days till the trip so it is under 60. Is anyone else having problems? I booked on the phone with Disney and both my reservations are showing on my account.
  12. cinderellafan6

    Where to buy customized blankets

    Goin to the world in a month and I want to purchase a princess blanket with my daughters picture on it. Where can I go to do that? Somewhere in downtown disney, magic kingdom or any other store on property?
  13. cinderellafan6

    Disney reservations upgrade

    I just tried to call to make a resort reservation and the cast member said the system is down for an upgrade and will be down for a couple of hours. That includes online reservations as well.
  14. cinderellafan6

    Coming on OCt 1St

    So for all of us who are going to the Magic Kingdom on Sat what time are you planning on arriving?
  15. cinderellafan6

    Help me please with some advise

    Well I have had a Disney trip planned since April. We are still goin for 4 nights from Sept 30-Oct 4 at POP but of course theres one thing...I just found out Im pregnant and its our first. I have been to the parks many many times but this is a whole new experience for me. Can anyone give me any...
  16. cinderellafan6

    Pool Hopping

    http://wdwdailynews.com/website-news/disney-resorts-bylinda-summers/ I had always thought that pool hopping from resort to resort was frowned apon but according to this article if your staying on Disney property you can swim at any pool on property......
  17. cinderellafan6

    Haunted Mansion

    So does anyone know any updates to the Haunted Mansion and what they are doing to it?
  18. cinderellafan6

    First time at Boardwalk

    HI everyone!! I have been to Disney many many times but have never stayed at Boardwalk. I booked it for second week in December. Any know about the hotel rooms and how the resort is??
  19. cinderellafan6

    Disney withdrawls

    I swear when I know I have a Disney trip coming up I go crazy with withdrawls. Its worse then anything. How do you get over the withdrawls and long days till your trip:hammer::hammer::lookaroun
  20. cinderellafan6

    May Roll Call!

    Sorry if this is already on here, i couldnt find it. Im just so excited that we just booked our trip for Memorial Weekend!!
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