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  1. minniemickeyfan

    April 2016 crowds with new marathon weekend?

    Hi all, I was hoping you could help me plan which week in April would be best starting the 12th or the 19th for a week? I see that there is the new Star Wars marathon the 14-16th, but when trying to book a room, I seem to find more availability this week that the next. Any idea on which week...
  2. minniemickeyfan

    Best time to go in September

    Hi all, my family and I are thinking of going next September. This will be the first time for us going in September and we hope to book with free dining. Was wondering if you could help me with what two weeks would be the best to go. I know there's Labor Day, and maybe the weekend for Night of...
  3. minniemickeyfan

    10 days Theme Parks + 10 water park & more options = 14 days, right?

    So I have a ticket question I hope someone can help me with. Some people are telling me that you can't do this, but I believe I've done this before. So our family will have the 10 day ticket with park hopper and water park and more options. My understanding is that I can do this in 14...
  4. minniemickeyfan

    Preferred Room...Sports or Music?

    Hi, we are looking to stay at the All Stars in a preferred room this June and was hoping some of you could tell me any reasons to stay at Sports or Music over the other and why? We have a 2 year old who loves the pool too. Thanks for any input you may have!
  5. minniemickeyfan

    What are your Favorite Things to do outside of the 4 Theme Parks?

    What are your favorite things to do at Disney besides the theme parks and water parks? The reason I ask is I'm trying to come up with things to do on 3 days will be at Disney where we won't be using one of our ticket days. We're planning on using one of our options to visit the 2 water parks on...
  6. minniemickeyfan

    Can you get a room for 5 without 5 people?

    Hi all, I am looking to stay this June at CBR. We are a family with 1 daughter 18, and in June our son will be one month shy of 3 years. Is it possible since its only the 4 of us to get a room with the new murphy bed? Anyone know how many rooms have this now? Was hoping to sleep the 2 year old...
  7. minniemickeyfan

    I can walk faster than you in the line so...

    does that mean I can cut in front of you??? So my 18 yo daughter and I went to the single rider line at Aerosmith today and we just entered the line and a 40ish yo guy took my daughter by the shoulders and shoved her to the side when she was walking and then he proceeded to walk really fast in...
  8. minniemickeyfan

    SDMT What will the normal wait be?

    Just curious if anyone has an idea of what a typical normal wait time will be for the SDMT? I know it will be high for quite awhile since it's new, but what do you think a range would be after things settle down? I guess I'm asking because a ride like TSMM always has incredible wait times and...
  9. minniemickeyfan

    Length of Stay Mugs with more than one reservation?

    Hi, my family and I are staying at CBR for a week, then Pop for a week, I was wondering if the "length of stay" mugs work for an entire stay or one reservation? I thought I remember someone talking about this but I can't find it at the moment. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!!
  10. minniemickeyfan

    Annual Passes and other tickets on Magic Band, sorry you lose your tickets!!!

    The shorter version: if you have annual passes and tickets linked to your magic band, the magic band cannot distinguish which ticket you want to use on its own. A CM will have to call and set this up. I believed a CM at Pop Century when they told me my AP would be used first and my 2 day tckts...
  11. minniemickeyfan

    Magic Band issues in today's cold weather

    Hi all, currently at Pop Century and Magic Bands are not opening door locks on many rooms. I went to the front desk and they said at least 70 people have reported the same issues. They told me to try to warm the door lock to let me back in my room! Will see what happens later in the day. Anyway...
  12. minniemickeyfan

    I just received-oh wait I really didn't just receive my Magic Bands!!

    Strange thing just happenned with UPS. After receiving an email from Disney saying my bands were being delivered and the tracking info they gave me said to be delivered today by 10:30 CT. So the pkg I received was from Dicks sporting goods with a big label to someone else here locally. Then...
  13. minniemickeyfan

    2 sets of Magic Bands needed?

    We're staying Jan 1 at AofA for a room only reservation and then at Pop starting Jan 5th. I have customized the bands for each reservation. Will I need 2 sets for this or will Disney see this and send only the first set? We want to make use of the FP+, confused, please help me!
  14. minniemickeyfan

    Annual Pass Rates for January anytime soon?

    Just curious if anyone gas heard whether AP rates will be released for Jan? I'm hitting the 45 day mark in 7 days on my pkg I went with. Why does Disney wait so long? Maybe they are figuring I will book anyway? I'm going with the pkg because I added what I thought we would spend in food to the...
  15. minniemickeyfan

    Grandma decided to go, can we use her pin code?

    So my mom keeps getting pin codes and she has gone to Disney with us before. She got one for dates during our trip now starting Jan 3 for free dining. We were talking and she thought if she came she could be a big help with our 1 year old and she would "fit" in our room now. My question is could...
  16. minniemickeyfan

    New Offer-Families with Little Ones out today!

    Saw this at Disneys website so I called and saved $152 over Stay, Play and Dine offer. Didn't see this on here, so thought I would share
  17. minniemickeyfan

    Annual Pass Rates or no? + Dining

    Hi, was hoping someone can help me. We have AP's right now and I am looking at the specials offered for Jan. Can you add a dining plan to a room only special or does it have to be an AP room rate special to add on dining?
  18. minniemickeyfan

    Celebrating your unbirthday?

    So we are planning a trip starting this Jan 1st. Our son will turn 1 1/2 (18 months) while we are there. He didn't have much if a 1st Bday at home because he has had so many problems with milk and starting food He is eating everything now and really took off recently with no problems. We were...
  19. minniemickeyfan

    So What's Disney's Big Gain from MyMagic+?

    Just wondering what you think the big picture of doing this new program and fastpass+ is? I know it must cost Disney a lot of $ to do all this. I started wondering what their financial gain is and/or do you think they're just doing it to make our day at MK easier? Maybe we will spend even less...
  20. minniemickeyfan

    Vinylmation trading still going on?

    Recently we have come across a few we would like to trade. I remember awhile back some on display at the registers that were for trading. How does this work? Is it still going on? Thanks for your help!
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