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  1. dixiegirl

    Begining to look atlot like Christmas!

    Just wanted to say how I love when I log on to wdwmagic this morning and see Christmas decorations on the top of the page! Brings a smile to my face! Thanks Steve for all your hard work. And To everyone Happy Holidays! Yes we don't always agree on everything(actually its on rare occasions that...
  2. dixiegirl

    Going to Disney while mourning a loved one

    First let me say how very sorry I am for your loss. To go to a place that has such meaning to you and your late wife, I think of myself and my husband, and I cant even imagine your pain. Last year on August 19th while waiting for a bus back to our Resort In Disney I got the worst phone call of...
  3. dixiegirl

    Favorite WDW Music Loops

    Just heard the whole loop to the Jungle cruise the other day, it was was pretty awesome! (gotta love live365) My fav loops...Definatly anything Epcot...Love the Entrance Medley Epcot music, pre illuminations, preferably the one from a couple yrs ago...the new one isn't bad, I think it just...
  4. dixiegirl

    Welcome to the all-new WDWMAGIC

    Holy cow !! I was just on the forum at 6 this morning and now ...WOW is all I can say Steve!! Looks Great!!
  5. dixiegirl

    Ticket prices when buying through DVC

    Boy, after reading all these responces, you all sound like us! We"ll be heading down to WDW for our annual august trip with our girls, I almost passed out at how much tickets are going to cost us. With buying 4 adult tickets, we"re paying twice the amount it cost to fly from RI. I can see why...
  6. dixiegirl

    Disney Pulls Starbucks Mug from Epcot Shelves

    I agree about people overreacting...I bought the mug when we were there last sunday. I didn't even pay attention to the color of the monorail being purple due to the fact its so suttle and blends in with the whole epcot theme and I was just so happy to get one (cause at that point because they...
  7. dixiegirl

    Woohoo!!! Finally I can do the Single Digit Dance!!

    And can I say listening to mouse radio on live 365, omg helps so much!!! But I realize I think out of my family of 4, I may have the "Disney sickness" the worse!!!! No, I pretty much know I do, lol!! But that's ok, getting my "prescription" filled pretty soon! Woohoo!!
  8. dixiegirl

    Woohoo!!! Finally I can do the Single Digit Dance!!

    After was seems like forever, its time for our WDW Annual family trip!!! And so excited because we"ll be staying at BlT with a MK view!!! Its hard to believe its just 9 more days!!!! Now starts the laying there in bed and not quite sleeping all that much because why??? Yeah "just too excited...
  9. dixiegirl

    New Must Do's resort video

    Oh I too miss my "tip of the day"!!! Pretty sad when I have the whole loop of it on disc in my car...Sure as hell brings a smile to your face on the way to work!
  10. dixiegirl

    Disney Sewing Projects!

    Maybe someone here can help me, My youngest wants to dress up as The Maid from haunted mansion...well, I've found the fabric online but now I need a pattern...I've looked online and well came up with nada.. If it was really up to me I'd buy the costume, but, between ebay , etsy and pinterest...
  11. dixiegirl

    Accident on Pirates

    Wow , I love how I read page 1 which everyone is pretty nice to one another to skip to page 6 , and well....totally different story, lol...think I'll go back to page 2!
  12. dixiegirl

    Poly DVC

    Are they going to have the different style model rooms to look at like they usually do at SSR? I know when we were there last August they did for VGF and they were beautiful.. Very anxious to see ones for Poly..
  13. dixiegirl

    Confusion about fastpass+ and 9 day ticket

    Funny you ask this because I ran into the same problem...But I didn't know if it had to do with us doing a split stay...Anxious to hear any feedback on this.
  14. dixiegirl

    Some helpful Fastpass+ tips you might not know about

    Am I the only one who says to themselves "am I ever gonna get all this "?....Tommorow we'll be able to start booking our FP+ passes, and well I still feel like I need all the info I can get..and just when I think I have a pretty good idea, more info comes my way, lol..Good info may I say BTW but...
  15. dixiegirl

    Magic Kingdom Live Cam

    This is like the best and worst tease ever!!!! lol, I guess its a good thing I'm working today! God I miss it so much! Eh, 82 more days........82!
  16. dixiegirl

    Is the new fast pass as bad as it sounds?

    I'm hoping thats the case when we go in August as well..We are far from the commando types either..Having gone every yr (knock on wood) for the past 18yrs we like to take it at a nice pace...Yes we make some dining reservations but nothing crazy..So this whole thing of planning our days in...
  17. dixiegirl


    Omg I just did!!! Love them! Thanks Steve!
  18. dixiegirl

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover closing for a near two month refurbishment

    Nope Our favorite too!! Our Girls who have nicknamed it "theRelaxing ride" who are 13 and 10 say this is one their favs as well..Always have been since our earlier trips to Disney when we needed to get out of the August heat for a break for a little one to take a little nap(or their dad, lol) or...
  19. dixiegirl

    IllumiNations Preshow Update

    OOh thank you!! I'm still blaring the one thats been previously used and didnt realized they changed it . Went we visited in August thats in we noticed...Now I gotta find and burn that on disc!
  20. dixiegirl

    One thing missing from all DVC villas??

    God that would be FABULOUS!! HMMMM not that it will help but maybe I"ll send over an email at DVC services...
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