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  1. Fox&Hound

    Time Travel Question: Should Disney have Stuck to CA and FL?

    Before I ask my question, this post is not a critical slam on any country outside of the U.S, but is simply meant as an honest question: In hindsight, would the Disney corporation have been smarter to stick to Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California and not venture outside of...
  2. Fox&Hound

    Disney+ Not Moving Forward with Muppets Show

    So sad- it seems as though Muppets will not be coming to Disney+. I loved the last show they did and was hoping this could be a good vehicle for them.... https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/muppets-series-josh-gad-adam-horowitz-edward-kitsis-disney-plus-1203330138/ Thoughts?
  3. Fox&Hound

    Your Top 5 Disney Movies

    So we obviously all love Disney and are slightly obsessed with The Mouse House. BUT, if you had to name your top five Disney/Pixar animated movies- which ones would they be? You only get five- no exceptions. It is harder than you think... My top five: 1. Lilo and Stitch 2. Toy Story 3 3. Little...
  4. Fox&Hound

    "Frozen" on Broadway- Pre-sale Ticket Question

    As many of you know, "Frozen" is coming to Broadway in 2018 and a few sites were offering one time use pre-sale codes for those interested in purchasing tickets early. I know this is a long-shot, but does anyone have a code they are not planning to use? My wife signed up but never got a code...
  5. Fox&Hound

    Why is Big Hero Six not in Epcot???

    I am watching Big Hero Six again with my daughter and for the life of me, I cannot understand why this movie is not represented in Epcot. If you have not seen it, the film focuses on innovation, robotics, healthcare, and emerging technologies. It could totally take over innovations with robotic...
  6. Fox&Hound

    Disney Difficulty- Muliple Families

    Just returned from The World, and even though we had an amazing time, one fact stood out: it is extremely difficult for a large family (parents, grown siblings all with families of their own) to enjoy the trip TOGETHER. Does anyone else find this to be true? You try to book and plan together but...
  7. Fox&Hound

    Physical Tickets and Magic Band???

    Hi friends! Can anyone help me clarify this situation? We are going to Disney in Dec and have our rooms booked and tickets purchased. We modified our magic bands and were told they were being shipped and on the way. Today we got an envelope in the mail and it was filled with plastic tickets that...
  8. Fox&Hound

    Please Help- confused how to switch where we stay

    Good morning! My family and I have DVC and have our home base at Bay Lake. We booked there for an upcoming trip but want to try to switch to the Boardwalk over by Epcot. We called and they said there is usually availability and they would call when a room is available. Is this correct? We go in...
  9. Fox&Hound

    Cancel or Edit Reservations????

    Hi friends, can anyone help? I'm going to Disney this winter and am about to make ADR's. My family often changes their opinion or can't decide what they want to do and our ADR's usually suffer. In the past we plan a trip, book ADR's and then a month later, more people decide to come or drop...
  10. Fox&Hound

    Planning with Non-Disney Enthusiasts

    So, as we all know, a trip to Disney World now means a lot of pre-planning in order to get the most out of your trip. But, how do you handle this when you go on a vacation with non-enthusiasts or people who generally don't comprehend that some things have to be planned in advance? My wife and I...
  11. Fox&Hound

    Zootopia in the parks???

    With the early success of Zootopia, is it too early to start hoping it will find a presence in one of the WDW parks? I know ideas had been tossed around other threads, but I thought it would be fun to discuss (mods, if this belongs in imagineering I can happily move it or feel free to). So...
  12. Fox&Hound

    Will finding Dory influence the Nemo ride or show?

    So it has been announced that Finding Dory will influence turtle talk with crush and changes are coming to the show/experience in May. Any chance they will make changes to the finding Nemo ride or show? Both have been around for a while and could some pulsing. I know the ride has gotten some...
  13. Fox&Hound

    Cruise with Small Kids...

    So, maybe I'm a bit paranoid, but here is the situation: my extended family is considering a Disney cruise next year instead of the parks, and I have never been on a cruise before, although the idea is really exciting. My daughter will be three at the time and my question is this: how safe is...
  14. Fox&Hound

    Disney Little People

    So, I have a two-year-old and she loves her Disney little people. But, I'm always baffled why there seems to be so few, or at least to say that some of their more popular characters are not represented in this particular toy line. First of all, why are there no Frozen characters? Seems like a...
  15. Fox&Hound

    The Good Dinosaur- Reviews

    Has anyone seen "The Good Dinosaur"? If so, what were your reactions? We took my two-year-old and she loooved it. When it ended she wanted to "watch it again"! =) I loved the background scenery, it seemed almost real, but I felt the story was lacking. Nothing overly creative as far as plot...
  16. Fox&Hound

    Mickey and the Magical Map Reviews? Any good?

    Hi Disney friends! I was curious if anyone has seen the "new" Mickey and the Magical Map show at Disneyland/DCA? Is it any good? I remember hearing about the creation of the show and seeing small vids but I was curious to hear if anyone actually attended and what they thought? Awesome...
  17. Fox&Hound

    Phase 3 Ideas

    Hey friends! I'm super excited about Phase I (Toy Story Land) and Phase II (Star Wars area) for Hollywood Studios, but if there does end up being a phase III area, what do you predict Disney will build? Just curious to get everyone's ideas.
  18. Fox&Hound

    New Jungle Book Movie Presence in AK

    Hey friends! So, as you probably know, a new "Jungle Book" movie is being made by Disney (and an origins Jungle book movie made by another company too) which will thrust it back into the public spotlight. Any chance we will see more of a presence of the Jungle Book besides the character M&G's...
  19. Fox&Hound

    Disney Channel Descendants

    Did anyone else catch the Disney Channel's "Descendants" made for tv movie? If you are not familiar, "A modern-day coming-of-age adventure, “Descendants” stars Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent, “Liv and Maddie’s” Dove Cameron as her daughter Mal, Sofia Carson as the Evil Queen’s daughter Evie...
  20. Fox&Hound

    Disney and Hallmark

    So, being fellow Disney enthusiasts, you may already know this, but my wife and myself have been really impressed lately with the Disney merchandise our local Hallmark now carries. I know they've always had Disney stuff, but the partnership really seems to have been kicked into high gear as of...
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