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  1. EOD K9

    Predictions on when the maiden voyage will sell out?

    If everyone on the maiden voyage has a black lanyard, is anyone special at that point?
  2. EOD K9

    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    We would obviously be the test group and I’m sure there will be hiccups. However, the ship will be the cleanest it’s been. If I need to wear a mask I’m ok with it. If they have a served buffet at Cabanas, I’ll be alright.
  3. EOD K9

    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    I’m on the August 7th sailing. I’m either the next one canceled or the first sailing. We shall see.
  4. EOD K9

    Predictions on when the maiden voyage will sell out?

    I find it interesting they are tiering Platinum CC status for the purposes of booking.
  5. EOD K9

    DCL Pop-up Shop in Disney Springs

    Sorry, I’m not for CC merch being available outside of the cruise.
  6. EOD K9

    Disney Wish

    If my cruise on the Fantasy doesn’t sail this year, we have the Wish then disembark and go on the Fantasy the next day. Sort of back to back.
  7. EOD K9

    Disney Wish

    The Wish is getting a go-kart track and sky bike. I heard that this morning from the driver when I was riding in the front cab of the monorail.
  8. EOD K9

    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    With the CDC now saying fully vaccinated people may safely travel provided they still wear a mask, does that bode well for new guidelines with the cruise industry? It’s possible we can see a mandate of vaccinated adults and 16 and under dont need to be as there hasn’t been much testing on that...
  9. EOD K9

    How Many Days Until Your Next Disney Cruise???

    129 but also probably not happening.
  10. EOD K9

    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    Regarding the post immediately above, I'm curious about August of this year.
  11. EOD K9

    Why couldn't they. . . ?

    My sarcasm font is on! I remember eating on the Queen Mary in Long Beach though. We walked around the ship and didn’t have to go through screening. Again: Sarcasm.
  12. EOD K9

    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    I'm already preparing for my August cruise to get canceled.
  13. EOD K9


  14. EOD K9

    Set Sail Safely legislation

    There will be interesting tan lines when we start up again.
  15. EOD K9

    No surprise, but Disney Wish to be delayed

    Thats fine by me as I still have to get on the Fantasy for my August '21 cruise. I'd hate to be behind on which ships I sail on before the Wish is launched. ;)
  16. EOD K9

    DCL without kids?

    My first cruise ever was in 2013 on the Dream with my wife before we had children. We had grown slightly tired of the parks and wanted to do something different. A cruise seemed like a good idea and coupled with the quality, we thought we would give it a shot. Even though there are children...
  17. EOD K9

    Three ships in port today!

    I've been on the Dream, Magic, and Wonder. The latter two are cozier but the Dream seems grander. I like to make this comparison. If you've been to WDW first, then to Disneyland, you feel like you've been there already but haven't. They both have a familiar feel. Obviously, there is...
  18. EOD K9

    After some info on history

    That wasn't always the case. There was a time I would always keep the previous KTTW card in my wallet. On one trip I took that one out instead and the kiosk spat out a ticket. Needless to say, on my subsequent trip a few months later, I may have brought some previous cards. That loophole...
  19. EOD K9


    Two cruises were canceled for me this year, so we are doing 7 nights on the Fantasy next year. We haven’t done a seven nighter nor been on the Fantasy. So there’s that.
  20. EOD K9

    Barber shop

    Michael has cut my hair a few times over the years. It’s kind of scary that he remembers me when I used to get once a year cuts there.
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