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  1. EOD K9

    Riviera Rental

    Hi Guys, I dont know if I am allowed to post this but here goes. Two of my cruises were canceled and I am stuck with a preferred studio at Riviera for July 18th and out the 20th. Would anyone be interested in renting that from me?
  2. EOD K9

    Innovative cruise momento

    Hey Gang, There are many threads that ask what we do to chase the post cruise blues away. There are also those that ask how do you cope, or reminders of your time on DCL or WDW. Well, look what I found. I had this made. I think we will do one for every stateroom we’ve had for every...
  3. EOD K9

    Trip Report You asked, I answered. Disney Dream trip report.

    Hello Gang! While I am a seasoned traveler, this is my first trip report, so indulge me please. Also, I apologize for any errors as I sometimes type quickly. Day 1 Early Saturday morning my K9 partner and my retired partner were kenneled so I could go straight to the airport. Up at 0300 for...
  4. EOD K9

    News from Palo

    Hey Gang, I just disembarked from the Disney Dream and have some news. The menu for Palo is changing starting tonight. The wild mushroom risotto is changing...going away. The butternut squash agnolotti is leaving outright. The gnocchi is moving from an appetizer to the main course. I wish...
  5. EOD K9

    Royal Court Royal Tea

    Hey everyone. My girls will be five by our next sailing this year and the wife and I were thinking about doing this for them. Could you all be so kind as to provide feedback about your experiences? Of course I've been on YouTube and read the blogs, but I'd like to hear from you. Thanks in...
  6. EOD K9

    Your thoughts on Copper Creek

    Hey Gang, I just switched a to a 1BR at Copper Creek to bookend my cruise. I’d like your thoughts on your stay. Thanks.
  7. EOD K9

    2018 DVC Members' Cruise

    Hey Gang! Is anyone here going on the cruise in July? I noticed that there was no Pirate Night scheduled. Did anyone else see that?
  8. EOD K9

    Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter

    Hey Gang, We are in our booking window and we are taking our three year old twins on the encounter. We know it isn't a swim. We already booked just so we'd have something on the agenda. We also don't really feel like buying food on the island as we have a perfectly good ship waiting for...
  9. EOD K9

    Question for friends of face characters (but mostly princesses)

    Hey folks. My daughters are almost three and love Moana. They just started to watch Snow White and they are making the connection that both princesses are from Disney. So, here is my question. If I see any of the princesses, will one acknowledge the fact that there are other princesses...
  10. EOD K9

    The Poly

    Hey Gang, I'll be staying at the Poly for the first time this trip on points. Any suggestions about room/building requests? Any must do type things? Thanks in advance.
  11. EOD K9

    I'd like your opinions on AoA TLM

    Hey Gang, I hope you are all well. Those of you that know me know I am a DVC Member and I like to cruise. That being said, my in-laws planned a huge trip for next December (10 adults and 5 children). They are paying for everything and we really don't have a say in too much of the planning...
  12. EOD K9

    Dual Topic: Movies and Little ones

    Hey Gang, I'm going to assume yes, will Star Wars be playing once it is out? Second, during my last cruise, my ten month old daughters used the pack n plays. Lately, they don't like using them when we travel but have no issues with their own cribs. Do the ships have bedrails upon request...
  13. EOD K9

    Dining plan help

    Hey gang, we have been to Disney properties over 30 times (counting WDW, DLP, DL, and DCL), so the wife and I are well versed in food at the parks. That being said, the in-laws want to do a huge family trip to include the dining plan, The wife and I don't use it as it doesn't make financial...
  14. EOD K9

    What the what the?

    Did I miss something? Mods, please feel to advise me then close. Thanks.
  15. EOD K9

    Holiday Cruises

    Hey Gang, I just added a three nighter on the Dream right after Christmas. Will the ships still be decorated? If so, what is it like? Also, are there any different happenings going on? Thanks in advance.
  16. EOD K9

    Just back from the Dream

    Hey Gang, I recently returned from the 4 nighter from the 23-27th. The ship is as great as ever. The hallways were recently re-carpeted. You can tell because there was little wear and tear....plus they smelled new. The small world nursery staff were fantastic with my daughters. They (the...
  17. EOD K9

    Castaway Cay weather

    My trip is right around the corner and the projected weather is for an overcast day. There is no call for precip, just clouds. The forecast keeps changing and we are hoping for the best. So, my question to all of you is, ...How much has cloudy skies affected your day on CC?
  18. EOD K9

    Dual Topic

    Hey Gang, during my next cruise my in-laws will be joining us. He is an avid golfer and the cruise is a week before his birthday. I reserved a spot for him in the golf simulator. My questions are: It is billed to me, can he go in there by himself? Also, can two people go in there and take...
  19. EOD K9

    Pandora Charm

    Ok, so who here is going on a cruise soon who can pick me up a DCL charm before Xmas?
  20. EOD K9

    Pre/Post cruise stay

    Hey Gang, this may or may not belong here as it has to do with hotels, but they bookend my cruise. So here goes. I'm a DVC Member with a home resort of SSR. I have a day booked there on either end of my upcoming cruise. We will be taking my to be ten month old twins and not renting a car...
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