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  1. TheOrangeBird01

    Pictures of the Disney Inn?

    Over the years I've become very interested in the former hotel the Disney Inn, but there seems to be so few photos and information about it online. I've seen plenty pictures of the sign, but none of the lobby, rooms, etc. Does anyone have some unique pictures or stories of the resort? It always...
  2. TheOrangeBird01

    1st Timer looking for Classic Disneyland Things to Do

    I'll be a Disneyland first timer on August 16th and I can't wait for it. Is there anything attraction or experience wise that I hands down have to do while I'm there? I'm looking to do everything I can, and little unique, hidden, and out of the way experiences are also welcome. Attractions...
  3. TheOrangeBird01

    The Original Disney World McDonalds

    Does anyone have any pictures of the inside of the original Disney World McDonalds? I've looked everywhere on the internet, but I can only find a few of the outside. I seem to remember a big McDonaldland mural somewhere but this could just be my imagination. Thanks to anyone who can help :)
  4. TheOrangeBird01

    New Disney Blog

    Hi guys I just wanted to give you all a link to my new blog where I'll be posting things all about the Walt Disney Company and especially Disney World. My first two posts are on my thoughts of every single Disney Parks announcement made during this year's D23 Expo. It would mean a lot if some of...
  5. TheOrangeBird01

    Why Do So Many People Dislike the Dining Plan?

    Why do so many people not like the DDP? My family gets it every time we go, and I think it's great for what you get. Also, why do some people think the DDP ruined Disney dining in general? Is it because the food prices are too high unless you're on the dining plan or something else?
  6. TheOrangeBird01

    Where is this Disneyland Poster From?

    I found this poster today and immediately had to buy it. It looks amazing, but I have no clue where it came from, where it was used, or what year it was released. Google hasn't been any help, so I figured my next best resource would be the merchandise forum ;) If anyone has any information on...
  7. TheOrangeBird01

    Tokyo DL Expansion Rides in WDW?

    As most have probably heard, Tokyo Disneyland is getting more rides added to the park. Personally I think the rides should have been added to Disney World instead (especially the Beauty and the Beast, and Big Hero 6 rides) of Tokyo. Is there any chance that the rides could make their way over...
  8. TheOrangeBird01

    What was the best Year to Visit WDW

    I was recently looking at pictures, and videos of Disney World back in the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's and I wondered when people thought Disney World was in it's prime. I have been every two years since 2005 (and once this year), but I can't seem to decide when I liked WDW the most. I love...
  9. TheOrangeBird01

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! I just found this site and thought it would be fun to join this forum! It seems like such a great community and I can't wait to be a part of it. :happy:
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